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Master Fiction & Fanmix Index: Fake News Edition

All my fics and mixes for The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, their extended universe, and various related series.

Crossovers are included here, although crossovers with lots of focus on the non-fake-news characters may be duplicated at the main masterpost.

♦ indicates a personal favorite.
Ø indicates angst, pain, Nightmare Fuel Unleaded.
Bold indicates the table of contents to a full-length series.

Fics: Fake News

Unless otherwise specified, all stories feature on-screen characters rather than actors.

Novels and Epic AUs

California Boys
fluff, romance | Jon/"Stephen", Olivia, Kristen, other correspondents | through PG-13
Canon-compliant version: "Stephen" and a man known only as "Jonathan" are a gay couple in early-'90s California, where they run an upscale dog grooming salon. Full-cast AU version: the area is populated by other Daily Show cast members, with age-fudging as necessary.

Castle Down | Castle Walls | Castles In The Sand
illustrated | action, romance, fantasy, crack, drama, hurt/comfort | Jon/"Stephen", Kristen/Olivia, "Stephen"/Tad/Amy, "Stephen"/BillO, Lizz Winnstead, correspondents, TCR staff, ensemble | through R
Tales from a magical mystical medieval AU, full of gratuitous glowing gemstones and golden glasses. If you have a thing for rich and detailed original worldbuilding, this may not be the 'verse for you. If you're in the mood for soulbonds, unicorns, and a whole lot of magic jewels, you've come to the right place.

Drawing The Line
illustrated | comedy, crack | Jon/"Stephen", Tek/Birdgirl, Ace/Gary, Birdman, Reducto, Mentok, Phil, animated ensemble | PG-13
Massive multiplayer crossover. When Stephen Colbert sues his boss with the help of his lawyer Reducto (voiced by Stephen Colbert), Jon hires the law firm of Phil Ken Sebben (voiced by Stephen Colbert) to represent him.

The Robert Report | ♦ Expecting | Ø State of Grace | Why Should I Care? | and related one-shots
illustrated | comedy, drama, romance, hurt/comfort, mpreg | Jon/"Stephen", Jon/wife, Charlene, TCR staff, correspondents, OCs, a baby, Strangers With Candy characters, ensemble | through NC-17
Bobby manages the stage, the staff, and Stephen; and the Report staff faces down a ghost. | Stephen decides that he could totally get pregnant. How hard could it be? | Stephen's carefully constructed walls begin to collapse around him. | And what came after.

Ø Green & Grey | AO3 mirror
hurt/comfort, angst | OC/"Stephen", Jon/wife, others | through NC-17, warnings
Stephen swears what he does with his boyfriend is consensual, but Jon is starting to have doubts that it's sane. Or safe.

The Happyverse AU
fluff, romance | happy!"Stephen", others | mostly G
Tales from this canon AU, where "Stephen" is always happy instead of always angry.

I Am Qumarica (And So Can You!)
hurt/comfort, drama, slavefic | Jon/"Stephen", Olivia/Kristen, Sam/Jason, ensemble | through R
Loosely connected tales from the AU where Jon owns a harem, with a bunch of the correspondents as his concubines. Featuring idficcy sex slavery for some, snark and wary self-sufficiency for others, a dark!Jon struggling to redeem himself, and a background of vaguely cutthroat political infighting.

The Liberalverse AU
dramedy | liberal!Stephen, Jon, ensemble | PG-13
Stories from a canonical AU. Instead of being a hawkish anti-intellectual pro-fascist ultraconservative, Stephen is a peacenik elitist pro-anarchist ultraliberal. Oddly enough, it doesn't make him all that different.

The Senateverse AU
dramedy | Jon & "Stephen", Sam, Larry, John-O, Lewis, Kristen, Rain, others | PG-13
The development of an unlikely friendship between the hyper-partisan Stephen Colbert (R-SC) and his colleague Jon Stewart (D-NY).

Shout*For | AO3 mirror
drama, romance | Jon/"Stephen", Jimmy, Olivia/Kristen, ensemble | through R
AU. Our heroes (and some villains) (and some imports from The Newsroom) are all performers in various blocs of the Disney tween music/TV/movie empire, which naturally is amazingly screwed-up behind the scenes.

The Thing With Feathers
drama | Jon/"Stephen", real!Jon & real!Stephen, Tad, Bobby, Allison, Eric | PG-13
Stephen hasn't been himself lately.

Transverse (or, the Pronoun Ninja Diaries)
romance, drama | mostly Jon/"Stephen", with other pairings and characters | through NC-17
Assorted fics and fanworks about transgender versions of our heroes. All more or less Au to each other.

Truthiness And Relative Dimensions In Space | Teaspoon mirror
Doctor Who, Hitchhiker's Guide, Red Dwarf, & others crossover, illustrated, dramedy | Jon/"Stephen", Four, Sarah Jane, Jack, Ten, ensemble | PG-13
Obnoxious right-wing pundit Stephen Colbert catches a lift with Four & Sarah Jane, and, in his younger days, Ten & Jack. Can Four cope with the older Stephen acting like he knows what he's doing? Can Ten avoid saying anything to the younger Stephen that will cause a paradox? And can the rest of space and time handle the truthiness?

Multichaptered and Multipart

♦ A Colbert Carol: stanza I, stanza II, stanza III, stanza IV, stanza V
dramedy, parody, Christmas special | Jon & "Stephen", Meg, Tad, Bobby | PG
Years after Jon's death, Stephen is still celebrating Christmas with extravagant and overblown decorations, but he doesn't truly understand the spirit of the season until a succession of ghosts arrives to show him.

♦ All My Roads Lead To You: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 | AO3 mirror
drama, romance | Jon/wife, Jon/"Stephen", family, Jimmy Fallon | PG-13
Sentinel/Guide AU. "Stephen" is a Guide who has been repressing everything to do with empathy, and Jon is a Sentinel who Does Not Want that kind of responsibility. Naturally they bond pretty much at first sight and go on to become the most oddly-functioning couple ever.

Ø All The King's Horses: one, two, three
angst | Jon/"Stephen" | NC-17
Maybe Stephen can't be put back together again.

And He Never Gives In (he just changes his mind) | And He Only Reveals What He Wants You To See | Ten reasons for the sleep loss after Jon knocked Stephen up, reasons 1-5 and reasons 6-10 | AO3 mirror
romance, smut, hurt/comfort, babyfic | Jon/"Stephen", "Stephen"/Steve, "Stephen"/Charlene, Jon/"Stephen"/Steve | R
Alpha/Beta/Omega AU. In which Stephen's religion says some wacky things, Steve is shouty but ultimately helpful, and Jon is theoretically keeping order but in reality just trying to keep up. And eventually Jon and Stephen get it together and have lots of babies, as they were meant to do.

A River So Long: Act I, Act II, Act III | AO3 mirror
dramedy, Christmas special | Jon/"Stephen", Trevor Potter, others | PG-13
Prompt: Stephen's tirade on election night. "Then you realise you made a terrible mistake but it will be too late, you had the chance but you rejected him and now [Mitt Romney] will never want your [vote] again." We all know he meant "Jon" instead of "Mitt" and "love" instead of "vote."

Ø Clover and Shadows: one, two, three, four, five, extras | AO3 mirror
drama, romance | trans!"Stephen", trans!Charlene, Jon, OCs, Gipper | through NC-17
In the past, Stephen runs away to Chicago with her cousin Charlene. In the present, Jon tries to figure out why Stephen keeps pushing him away.

Collar U parts 1-5 | AO3 mirror
dramedy, romance | "Stephen"/Jon, Jane Fonda, background Olivia/Kristen, Steve/Nancy, correspondents | PG-13
D/sverse, high school/college AU. Stephen's family doesn't believe in sending uncollared submissives to college, so Jon offers to collar him, at least through graduation.

The Conceited Crusader | It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's...A Chair! | Rogues' Gallery | AO3 mirror
action, comedy | Jon, "Stephen", evil!Obama, Stephen Jr. | G
Stephen's a superhero. Jon's the new reporter at the local paper. And the city's being terrorized by various and colorful villains, starting with the evil Obama that only Republicans can see.

Family Reunion (AO3)
Welcome to Night Vale & Magic School Bus crossover, crack, comedy, horror | Cecil/Carlos, Jon/"Stephen", Ms. Frizzle, others | T
Cecil brings Carlos as his date to a family reunion. He can't wait to catch up with his journalist cousin Stephen, and he's sure Carlos will get along great with his scientist aunt Valerie.

Firm Haunches | Silky | Four Times Stephen Was A Good Boy, And One Time He Did Even Better
fluff, romance, smut | Jon/"Stephen" | through NC-17
Stephen can't understand why he didn't win that dog show.

Five Times Jon Terrified Stephen: one, two, three, four, five
angst | Jon, "Stephen" | PG
What it says on the tin.

The Grey Wolf Is On The Prowl | Five Other Correspondents Jon (Thought He) Seduced
comedy | Jon/everybody - specifically, Wyatt, "Stephen", Sam+Jason, John Hodgman, Aasif (offscreen), and Olivia | PG-13
Jon considers himself a master of seduction. Most of his staff are just too nice to burst his bubble.

It Came From Beyond The Stars And Stripes
drama | Jon/"Stephen", Olivia, OCs | through R
Stephen's an alien. Olivia's a secret agent. Jon's pregnant. What could go wrong?

Little Red State Riding Hood | Little Red State Parka With Hood And Gloves | AO3 mirror
illustrated | comedy, hurt/comfort | wolf!Jon/"Stephen", Willard Mittington "Romney" Romney, Olivia, others | through R
An election-era fairy tale, starring wolf!Jon, bluebird!Olivia, and red-hood-wearing Stephen.

Oliver Through The Looking Glass: part I, part II, part III
Alice in Wonderland AU, comedy/crack | "Stephen"/Jon/Anderson, Rob-R/John-O/Larry, Ann Coulter/Bill-O, correspondents, pundits | G
John Oliver wanders into Wonderland. Turns out to be a pretty nice place.

♦ Silent: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 | Embarrassing Noises | AO3 mirror
alternate universe, dramedy, romance | Jon/"Stephen", ensemble | G for the main story, NC-17 for the coda
In 1998, the staff of The Daily Show (including star correspondent Stephen Colbert) gets a new addition: deaf writer Jon Stewart. Cue an otherwise familiar blend of jokes, politics, a young series finding its feet, and a long-term intimate relationship starting to bloom.

The Sword In His Mouth: prologue, one, two, three, epilogue
dramedy, meta | BriWi/Jon, "Stephen" | through R
D/s AU, and the fandom therein. Social relationships are arranged in terms of Doms and subs rather than men and women; BriWi/Jon just became canon; and Stephen plays a character who is a straight closeted sub, about whom people write fic.

Ficlet Collections

Eight Roads Converged | Ten Roads Converged
comedy, fluff, dramedy | various Stephens, "Stephens", and Jons, Wyatt | PG
Ficlets written for a series of requests: what happens when people from various fake news AUs cross paths.

Fake News Drabbles & Ficlets
Themed AO3 collections: Jon/"Stephen" (I) | Report Staff | Daily Correspondents | Damaged "Stephen" | Jon/"Stephen" (II)
comedy, fluff, romance | through PG-13
All the funny/sweet/non-angsty shortfics. The first link is the tag for all of them, as posted on DW; the ones mirrored on the AO3 are split up by character. Perpetually ongoing.

I've Got 99 Problems, But The Truth Ain't One
fluff, comedy, angst, romance | anyone and everyone | through PG-13
Compilation of one-sentence fics. Including lots of characters, various AUs, and two mini-continuities (one about "Stephen" recovering from an accident, one about his wife kicking him out).

The Merry Month of May | AO3 mirror
comedy, fluff, smut, romance, crack | Jon & "Stephen", Jon/"Stephen", ensemble | G through NC-17
A collection of 38 ficlets, written for various fluff prompts.

This Candidate Clearly Supports WIP Amnesty, Jon.
synopses, unfinished works | Jon/"Stephen", Olivia/Kristen, Olivia/"Stephanie", ensemble | G through M
Taking a deep dive through my WIP folder to retrieve these fake news fics. Some of them are 5+ years old! A few, I had completely forgotten writing. All of them have just enough substance to post, as Works No Longer In Progress.

One-Shots: Jon/"Stephen" Alone

A Good Night's Sleep
illustrated fluff | Jon & "Stephen", "Stephen"/repression | PG

Aggressive Conservative Guys | AO3 mirror
smut | Jon/"Stephen", fantasy Jon/others | NC-17

All Her Original Brightness | AO3 mirror
daemon AU, romance, comedy | Jon/"Stephen", daemons | R

Also Good For Play
fluff, illustrated | Jon/"Stephen" | PG

And Dried Up All The Rain
acefic, romance | Jon/"Stephen", others | R

Ø Anger | AO3 mirror
drama, dark ficlet | Jon & "Stephen" | PG-13

drama, romance | "Stephen"/???, "Stephen"/Jon | R

Ø As If You Were Salt-Rose, Or Topaz
romance | Jon/Raven | PG

Ø Beware The Nice Ones | AO3 mirror
darkfic, angst | Jon/"Stephen", Jon/wife | NC-17

Binding | AO3 mirror
vignette | "Stephen"/Jon | PG

Ø (but he can't hide)
angst | Jon/"Stephen", "Stephen"/wife, "Stephen"/others | R

illustrated | fluff | Jon & "Stephen" | PG

Consulting Pundit (AO3)
Sherlock fusion, fluff | Jon/"Stephen" | G

Eyes Like Dead Birds (or, Five Ways Of Looking At That Monologue)
comedy, angst, and romance by turns | Jon and "Stephen" (paired and separately), past "Stephen"/"Jonathan", bonus Steve | PG-13

Five Times Stephen Misunderstood Jon, And How Jon Corrected Him (Or Didn't)
dramedy, fluff | "Stephen"/Jon | PG-13

Five Versions Of The Limo Ride Home
variously: comedy, angst, drama, and smut | Jon/liberal!"Stephen", Joan/"Stephanie", Jon/r!Stephen (Sailor Jon version), Schmon Schmewart, Jon, "Stephen", Jon/happy!"Stephen" | G through NC-17

Ø Five Ways Stephen's Wildest Fantasy (The One Where He And Jon Imbibe A Dangerous Amount Of Alcohol, Then Shag Until The Sun Comes Up) Didn't Come True
drama, angst | Jon/"Stephen", not always nicely | R

Hedgehog's Dilemma | AO3 mirror
fluff ficlet | Jon & "Stephen" | G

Hello, Nurse
comedy, fluff | Jon & "Stephen" | PG

I Intend To Hold You For The Longest Time
hurt/comfort, kink | Jon/"Stephen" | T
An intense bit of roleplaying hits Stephen harder than expected. Jon cuddles him through it.

Into The Empty Sky
drama | Jon/"Stephen" | PG

Ø Keeping Up Appearances
angst | "Stephen"/repression, Jon | PG-13

Memento Volui | AO3 mirror
hurt/comfort, wingfic | Jon, "Stephen" | PG

Never Was A Cornflake Boy
drama | Jon/"Stephen" | soft R

Nightmare on 54th Street
horror | "Stephen", demon!Jon | PG-13

The one where Stephen is a cat | AO3 mirror
illustrated fluff | Jon, cat!"Stephen" | G

Or Perhaps Pleasure | AO3 mirror
crack, weird sex | Jon/"Stephen" | R

Pace Yourself For Me
dramedy + synopsis | "Stephen"/Jon, family | through PG-13

Purple Hamster Means No | AO3 mirror
comedy ficlet | Jon/"Stephen" | PG

Ratings-Grabbing For Two | AO3 mirror
comedy | "Stephen"/Jon, audiences | G

Spell Me Once, Shame On You
Hogwarts AU, hurt/comfort | Jon/"Stephen" | R

This Is Knot My Heart
smut, fluff | Jon/happy!"Stephen" | NC-17

Ø Synopsis: (untitled colbunker fic) | scene on AO3
angst | "Stephen", Jon | R

We'll Always Have New York | AO3 mirror
hurt/comfort, fluff | Jon/"Stephen", cats | PG-13

What's Your Age Again?
comedy/fluff | Jon & "Stephen", Opponent, others | PG

One-Shots: Jon/"Stephen" and Others

The Affair | AO3 mirror
fluff ficlet | Jon/spouse, "Stephen" | PG
Domestic cuddling + making plans.

D/s, fluff | pre-Jon/"Stephen", background Jon/BriWi | PG
D/s AU. Jon's getting misgendered quite a bit lately, which is strange, since it's always seemed clear enough to him. Not even Stephen can throw him for a loop on that point. (Right?)

An Emmy Fic They Could Have Actually Shown On TV | AO3 mirror
comedy ficlet | Jon/"Stephen"/Steve | PG
Obligatory post-Emmys Jon/Stephen/Steve fic. An alternate version of the actual on-stage action.

Blue, Thinking About You
illustrated | comedy, romance, Christmas special | Jon/"Stephen", Siri, Meg, Tad, Gipper | PG
Stephen, anxious to know what Jon really thinks of him, stumbles on a way to find out for sure...which doesn't go at all the way he planned. Turns out Jon has more secrets than he bargained for (and in the meantime, Stephen's conscience just might be catching up with him).

Boys (and Girls) of Summer (AO3)
hurt/comfort | "Stephen"/Lorraine, /Jon, /various | PG-13
"Stephen" is (enthusiastically) functionally bi when he's manic, and has no sex drive at all when he's depressed. His wife and his best friend try to manage him through his moods, and everyone (even Stephen himself) is mostly guessing as to where his genuine attractions fall.

Did You Hear The One About The Comedian And The Werewolf? (AO3)
dramedy | "Stephen"/Jon, Lorraine | G
Jon gets himself locked in Stephen's apartment on a full-moon night.

The DM of +4 Ohana
fluff, dramedy | "Stephen"/Jon[athan], Olivia, Kristen, Demetri, Wyatt, Sam(/Jason) | PG-13
Trouble threatens to break up the most beautiful gay dog-grooming couple in all of 1980's California. Can Olivia, with the help of her quirky multi-ethnic posse, figure out a way to save it?

Enfranchise-Me Pumps | AO3 mirror
comedy, hurt/comfort | Jon/"Stephen", Jessica, Wyatt | R
The aftermath of Democalpyse 2012. Jessica unwinds, "Stephen" is a wreck for unexpected reasons, and Jon's getting lucky tonight in more ways than one.

Feel The Magic, Hear The Purr
hurt/comfort, fluff, crack | “Stephen”, Jon, Christiane, Tad | PG
An accidental bit of magic leaves Stephen's mind switched out of his body...and into Christiane Aman-purr's. While Tad heads off to retrieve the fix, Jon gets stuck with cat-sitting.

Five Men Stephen Almost Accidentally Married
fluff | "Stephen"/Jon, "Stephen"/various | PG
Every time same-sex marriage reaches another milestone, "Stephen" almost marries some dude. (And Ellen DeGeneres that one time.)

Five men Stephen had sex with (and one he's still waiting on)
smut | "Stephen"/various (Tad, Dan Savage, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, John Oliver/Wyatt), Jon | NC-17
Gratuitous "Stephen"/everyone, much to Jon's dismay.

Ø ♦ Five Ways Stephen Reconciled His Faith And His Sexuality
angst, romance | past "Stephen"/Jonathan; a cat named after Ronald Reagan; "Stephen"/Lorraine; OCs; P. K. Winsome; angel!Feist; Jon/"Stephen" | PG, warnings
Stephen struggles to reconcile his faith and his sexuality. The operative word here being "struggles."

Ø Fugue in C Minor
drama-ish | "Stephen", Jon, OCs | PG
A bartender and a difficult customer keep an eye on each other.

Ø Grieving
drama | Jon/"Stephen", past Jon/wife | R
Jon's wife is gone. Stephen is not good at helping, but he tries.

How Far I've Gone, How High I've Climbed (AO3)
romance, fluff, sci-fi | Jon/"Stephen", Sam, Steve, others | T
It's mid-2004 and the elections are approaching, but "Stephen" is occupied with an unrelated assignment: to be the Daily Show's first Senior Space Correspondent, on a manned mission across the solar system.

Ø ♦ I'll Be That Girl | AO3 mirror
drama, genderbending | MtF!"Stephen"(/OC), Jon, Charlene, Sweetness | R
Stephen's been obsessed with wooing his cousin Charlene for years. What no one knew was that he's more interested in becoming her than he is in dating her.

The Interview | The Interview
comedy, fluff | "Stephen"(/Jon), Tracey(/Jon) | PG
Stephen brings on a special guest to discuss tonight's top story.

Jealousy, Thy Name Is Stewberry
comedy | Jon/"Stephen", Jimmy Fallon, Wyatt, Kristen, other correspondents | PG
While Stephen is off having exciting friendship adventures with his new best buddy, Jon copes with his totally-not-jealousy by dragging various correspondents on a series of ill-fated friendventures of their own.

The Little Pundit | AO3 mirror
AU, comedy, romance | Jon/"Stephen", Neil, Jimmy, others | PG
A well-intentioned, poorly-informed merman saves a certain land-dwelling comedian during a storm, and finds himself falling head over tailfin. So when a lawyer offers him a pact to turn human and chase down true love, he goes for it.

May The Horse Be With You
fluff | Jon/"Stephen", Olivia | G
Written for a picture prompt. Upscale dog-groomers Jon and Stephen; kid Olivia; a baby horse.

Maxim's Finest | AO3 mirror
comedy, illustrated | Jon/"Stephen", Olivia | R
Text-message ficlet in honor of both Stephen and Olivia Munn making the Maxim Top 100.

Not Sure If Breakthrough (AO3)
comedy | Jon/"Stephen", therapist | PG
The personal notes of Jon and "Stephen's" marriage counselor.

Off The Record | AO3 mirror
comedy ficlet | Jon/"Stephen", Greta Van Susteren/flusteredness | PG
A complaint about Fox News personalities sneaking into the studio to use the microwave. A battery with the apparently irresistible label "Lick Me".

Of The Father's Love Begotten | AO3 Mirror
Christmas special, romance | "Stephen"/Jon, kids | PG
What happens when Stephen's wife leaves — again — but doesn't conveniently take the kids with her?

Oh, Santa
Christmas special, filk | "Stephen"/Jon, Elvis Costello, Dan Savage, Ketchup, Santa | G
Stephen and his cookies are ready for Santa, but other visitors keep knocking at his door.

Paradise (or something...) by the Dashboard Lights (AO3)
Christmas special, hurt/comfort, romance | demon!"Stephen"/Jon, John Oliver, a baby | PG
"Stephen" is a fallen angel. For him, it means a constant struggle to do the right thing, in the hopes of convincing his God to take him back. For Jon, it means he's nice to cuddle in the winter, and they shouldn't plan on having a church wedding.

Prey Mentality
dramedy | "Stephen"/repression, Jon, O'Reilly | PG-13
The first fic in which I really dug into Stephen's elaborate system of denial, repression, sublimation, and projection.

Resolution | AO3 mirror
comedy | Jon/"Stephen", correspondents | PG
Follow-up to the 1/5/11 toss, in which Stephen makes New Year's Resolutions for Jon.

Riding the Love Train to Sanitytown
dramedy, romance | Jon/"Stephen", others | PG-13
Post-Rally fic. Jon Stewart represents America at our most aspirational. Stephen Colbert represents America as we truly are: patriotic, God-fearing, and easily confused.

The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Hotel Room | AO3 mirror
smut | O'Reilly/Jon/"Stephen" | NC-17
The obligatory post-Rumble threesome.

Someone To Make You Come Through | AO3 mirror
hurt/comfort, romance | Jon/"Stephen", a bear, Sam, others | PG-13
A story about Stephen losing his arm during the bear-mauling at the 2012 Night of Too Many Stars.

Some Sunny Day (AO3)
romance, friendship | Jon/"Stephen", Doris Kearns Goodwin, Neil Degrasse Tyson, family | PG
Post-Report, Stephen is immortal. Snapshots of his relationship with Jon as The Daily Show ends too, and the years go by.

Synopsis: Stewart's Inferno
dramedy, pastiche | Jon, "Stephen", Oscar Wilde, others | PG-13
Oscar Wilde takes Jon on a Dante-esque tour of Hell.

Tentacle Aftercare | AO3 Mirror
crack, angst | Jon/"Stephen", "Stephen"/tentacles, Sweetness | NC-17
Stephen strays into the tentacle-monster district. Now it's up to Jon and Sweetness to come to the rescue.

Ø These Winds And Tides
hurt/comfort, romance | Jon/"Stephen", "Stephen"/OC | R
While in an established relationship, Stephen is assaulted by a third party. He's convinced he can't tell Jon — that Jon will see him as unfaithful, or blame him for letting it happen.

Ø This Is How A Heart Breaks
drama | "Stephen"/Sweetness, "Stephen"/Jon | PG-13
The day Stephen snaps and brings a gun to the studio.

Thoroughly Convincified | AO3 mirror
dramedy ficlet | Jon/surprise | G
Challenge: Jon Stewart and/or any politician make out in a car or other vehicle.

Ø Till It Be Morrow
angst | "Stephen"/Sweetness, Jon | PG-13
A bit of angst. Stephen tries to piece his world back together.

Ø ♦ A Tiny Version Of Himself
angst | Jon & "Stephen", "Stephen"/wife, "Stephen"/repression | PG
"Children are tiny versions of you, minus the crushing failure."

Waiting | AO3 mirror
comedy, ficlet | Jimmy, implied Jon/"Stephen" | G
Sometimes Jimmy slips things into the Wørd.

Ø With Painful Steps And Slow
horror, hurt/comfort, Christmas special | "Stephen" & Jon, John Legend, Toby Keith, Feist, Elvis Costello, a bear | R
Alternate version of A Colbert Christmas. What if Jon hadn't shown up until the end...and the last guest hadn't shown up at all

One-Shots: Other Pairings

Afterwards, Wyatt Was Never Able To Look At Salad Tongs The Same Way Again | AO3 mirror
comedy, ficlet, illustrated | Wyatt/Kristen/John-O/Sam/Jason(/Aasif/???) | PG-13

Ø A Dry Kind Of Love | AO3 mirror
horror, romance | "Stephen"/Sweetness | R

Four Times Aasif Shared His Food (And One Time Someone Shared With Him) | AO3 mirror
comedy, romance | Aasif/Jason, Aasif/Jason/Sam, John Oliver, Rob Riggle, Jon, Larry, Wyatt, "Stephen" | PG-13

Honey Mustard (or, Is Bobby Delicious?) | AO3 mirror
comedy ficlet | Tad/Bobby, "Stephen"/Bobby | PG-13

In Summer's Parching Heat
comedy, hurt/comfort | Olivia/Kristen (pre-femslash), Jon(/"Stephen"), John Oliver, Wyatt | G

My Heart's On Fire
dramedy | "Stephen"/Larry Craig | PG-13

Nate Corddry and the Supply Closet of Doom | AO3 mirror
comedy/romance | Rob/Ed, Sam/Jason, Jon/"Stephen", Lewis/Dave, Mac/PC, Nate/Laura, "Stephen"/Russ Lieber, Mo/Vance, Demetri/Dan, Rachel/Nancy | PG-13

Out Of The Bag
comedy, mystery | Jon, "Stephen", BriWi, Meg, Bobby, Tad | PG

Prawn Today, Hair Tomorrow | AO3 mirror
fluff, ficlet | Kristen/Olivia-ish | G

The Parts Of Management They Don't Tell You About
comedy/romance | Tad/Bobby, "Stephen"/Tad | PG

Sweetness Follows; or, The Remarkably Low-Angst Transition of Joan Stewart
trans!fic, dramedy | Jo(a)n(/Tracey), "Stephen", John Oliver, Wyatt, Kristen | PG-13

smut | "Stephen"/Eleanor Holmes Norton | NC-17

What Do You Wear To A Geek Wedding, Anyway?
hurt/comfort | Olivia(/Kristen), Aasif | PG

When You Love Someone (And/Or Their Giant Head) | AO3 mirror
comedy/fluff ficlets | John/Wyatt, Olivia/Kristen, Sam/Jason/Al, Aasif/Larry, Tad/Bobby, Josh/BriWi | PG

One-Shots: Gen

And Make It Snappy | AO3 mirror
fluffy comedy ficlet | "Stephen", the barista | G

Calyx (AO3)
comfort fluff | "Stephen", family, Jon | PG-13
Young "Stephen" doesn't have the greatest parents, but a supportive neighbor changes the course of his life.

E.B.B.G.A.S-T-T-F.F. | AO3 mirror
comedy ficlet | "Stephen", Oliva | G

Synopsis: Everyone Experiments At Camp
dramedy | "Stephen", expy!Jon, horde of OCs | PG-13

From the Nation, With Love
gratuitous group self-insert, fluff | "Stephen"/the Nation | G

I've Got No Strings To Hold Me Down | AO3 mirror
comedy | Wyatt, puppet!Wyatt, correspondents | G

See The Little Unicorn There
drama | "Stephen"/repression, Rob, Ed | PG-13

The Sentence of Mr. Castagana
revengefic | the Gay Mafia | PG

Seven | AO3 mirror
fluff ficlets | "Stephen", liberal!"Stephen", happy!"Stephen", Steve ColberT, Jermaine Maine, Sweetness, Esteban, Jon, Allison | G

Things That Happen To New Guys
dramedy | Rob Riggle, Aasif, "Stephen", ensemble | PG

One-Shots: Crossovers

Not including setting AUs. Alphabetical by crossover series.

Doctor Who: Eight Weeks, Three Days | AO3 mirror | Teaspoon mirror
drama ficlet | Jon, Martha Jones | PG

Empowered: The Catboy, The Phlebotinum, And The Hot-Air Balloon (Not Necessarily In That Order) | AO3 mirror
action, crack, illustrated | "Stephen"/Jon, Rob, Ed, Rachael, Mo, Stacey, Divangelic, Major Havoc | PG-13

Hellsing: Chill
horror, hurt/comfort | "Stephen", Jon | PG-13

Hellsing: Night Kept Chain'd Below
horror | "Stephen", Jon | R

Hellsing: Sense and Sensibility and Vampires
vignette | "Stephen" | PG

Hellsing, Pet Shop of Horrors: Disney Magic
fluff, hurt/comfort | Jon, Count D, Miranda | PG

Sailor Moon, others: Five (And Then Some) Heart Crystals The Death Busters Never Stole | AO3 mirror
hurt/comfort, comedy | Kaolinite, Eudial, Mimete, Viluy; Jon, Olivia, "Stephen"; Homura/Madoka; Lyra, Pan; Sharon, Roslin, Tory, Tigh; Four, Sarah Jane | PG

Zanna, Don't!: Your Moment of Zanna
magical musical comedy/romance | Jon/"Stephen", canon pairings, one-sided "Stephen"/Zanna | G

One-Shots: RPF

The Antidote to CRUSH Withdrawal
fluff | real!Jon, real!Stephen, real!Rob C. | G

Birth of the Nation | AO3 mirror
Time Squad crossover, dramedy | real!Stephen, Otto, Larry 3000, Tuddrussel | G

Five Other Universes Where Arrows Opened
dramedy, angst, romance | real!Stephen/real!Jon, real!Stephen/Jane Fonda, real!Stephen/Evelyn, others | PG

In Time
drama | real!Stephen, real!Jon, mentions of others | PG-13, warnings

John Oliver's Infinitely Recursive Fanfiction Adventure | AO3 mirror
metafic, crack | John Oliver, others | PG

Synopsis: Jon Almighty
drama | real!Stephen, Jesus!Jon, God, families, crossover characters | PG

romance | Jon/real!Stephen/Allison | NC-17, kink

Vox Populi
comedy | Jon, real!Stephen | G

Fics: Related Series

The Ambiguously Gay Duo

Unambiguous | AO3 mirror
comedy | Ace/Gary? | PG
They're extremely close, in an ambiguous way . . . and they probably should have left it like that.

Sesame Street All-Star Alphabet

Your Moment of Z | Vocabulary Lesson | AO3 mirror
fluff | J/Z, Jon | G-PG
This story was brought to you by, and the letter λ.

Strangers With Candy

Five Times Chuck And Stephen Had Sex (Mostly With Each Other)
highly damaged dramedy as only SWC can be, smut | "Stephen"/OC, "Stephen"/Chuck, Chuck/Geoffrey, Seamus | R
Five scenes with Chuck and Stephen, featuring leather-clad bikers, bar fights, kinky sex, Madame Precious dolls, and a bit of Geoffrey and Seamus.

One, Two, Three, Twist, Bam
genderbending dramedy, smut | girl!real!Jon/real!Stephen, Jerri, Tammi, Orlando | NC-17
High school AU in the little town of Flatpoint. After a particularly wild party, Jon wakes up with a problem more unusual than a hangover. Can Stephen, the other local D&D geeks, and the illicit-chemical expertise of Jerri Blank put him (...her?) back to rights?

Why Should I Care?
illustrated | dramedy, romance | Seamus/George, Chuck/Geoffrey, Jon/"Stephen", Clair, Jerri | PG-13
With a violently homophobic mother and a father who pays more attention to his Madame Precious dolls than to his child, it's no wonder that Seamus Noblet grew up to be a bit of a jerk. And then he meets this guy.

Fake News/The Ambiguously Gay Duo/Harvey Birdman/Tek Jansen/Others

Drawing The Line
illustrated | comedy, crack | Jon/"Stephen", Tek/Birdgirl, Ace/Gary, Birdman, Reducto, Mentok, Phil, animated ensemble | PG-13
When Stephen Colbert sues his boss with the help of his lawyer Reducto (voiced by Stephen Colbert), Jon hires the law firm of Phil Ken Sebben (voiced by Stephen Colbert) to represent him.


Fake News

Jon Stewart

It's Not A F@#king Game

(The Jim Cramer debate)
You Have Restored Mine

(The Rally speech)

"Stephen Colbert"

Mister America

(character study)
Please Papa Bear

Red Versus Blue

(Formidable Opponent)
The Last WØRD

(the end of the show)
The Sweetest Thing

Why More Other Words Need Me?

(Character study, non-English)


Nightmares & Lullabies

(Jon/angsty "Stephen")
you are Mine

(Religion crossover)
Your Last First Kiss

(Childhood sweethearts AU)
The Rising

(the space-travel fic)
The Truth

(Stephen's confession & atonement)

Alternate Universe "Stephens"(/Jon)

Other Characters

Fic Soundtracks


Day Late Friends

(Jon & Stephen)
Crush FST

(the fic in question)

Strangers With Candy

You Can Go Home Again

(Season 1 soundtrack)
Faces Of A Stranger

(Season 2 soundtrack)
High School Never Ends

(Season 3 soundtrack)

These Are Not Sorted Yet, Because Of Reasons.

Shotgun (bb!"Stephen") (tagged "ficlets" but not in the AO3 collection)
—The WØRD: Move On, Finally, Jon Stewartized, Simple (wørds | "Stephen", the bullet | PG)

I'm Right Behind You + Flashback, If The Daily/Report Crew Were In Fandom...

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