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Fake News: California Boys Masterpost

Collected fanworks from the world described in this monologue (transcribed here). Each piece isn't necessarily in the same universe as any of the others; the only thing binding them together is that they're all based on some interpretation of the original clip.

Strict Canon

"Stephen" and a man known only as "Jonathan" are a gay couple in early-'90s California, where they run an upscale dog grooming salon.

Eyes Like Dead Birds (fic)
Somewhere Greener, Somewhere Warmer (mix)
California Boys (comic)
Five Ways Stephen Reconciled His Faith And His Sexuality (part 1) (fic)
Five Men Stephen Almost Accidentally Married (part 1) (fic)

Full-Cast AU

The area is populated by other Daily Show cast members, with age-fudging as necessary. For instance, Olivia and other young correspondents are eighth graders at a local school.

May The Horse Be With You (fic)
The DM of +4 Ohana (fic)
In Summer's Parching Heat (fic)

By Other People

Because I don't have dibs on this clip (nor would I want to).

Prenuptial Agreements by [personal profile] queenfanfiction (fic)

This will have a proper header and so on eventually. Also, I'm not the only one to play with this idea, right? Links to other fanworks based on the same clip are appreciated!
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best of all possible verses tbh
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Well, there is mine ("Prenuptial Agreements"), but it's my 1st fanfic in this fandom and it's actually kind of lame, I will totally admit this, BUT. *vague handwave* *shameless self-pimping*