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...où elle enveloppait son amour comme dans des voiles, pour le cacher.

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Name:Erin Ptah
Birthdate:Oct 26
"It's a foolish thing for the teller of a story to answer critics. If you're putting forward an argument, you can argue back and demonstrate why your argument is better than theirs. But if someone doesn't like a story you've written, what are you going to say? 'Well, you should'?
—Philip Pullman


This is the fanfiction and fanmix journal of [personal profile] erinptah.

The title (from Madame Bovary) is perhaps the only thing I retained from French class, and means "a collection of lies."


The fiction masterlist is here. You can also browse fiction and mixes using the tags.

The vast majority of these are fake news fics (for The Daily Show/The Colbert Report). Most of those in turn deal with the fictional characters on the shows, not the actors with the same hair who play them (though there is some RPF here as well).

Other series written about include Hellsing, Doctor Who and its extended universe, Sailor Moon, and little-knowns such as Krazy Kat and Zanna, Don't!, with shoutouts to everything from The Lord of the Rings to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Specialties include cracktastic Massive Multiplayer Crossovers (because of course the Doctor and Sailor Pluto would have tea together) and angstastic High Octane Nightmare Fuel (because Stephen has issues, y'all).


When I say Nightmare Fuel? I'm not kidding.

The harshest stuff (along with the occasional PWP) is friendslocked. Subscribe to this journal or ask here to be added.

Stories will have warnings if they contain extreme violence or abuse, character death, non-consensual sex (non-con), and/or children in sexual situations. Most stories above G or PG will give some indication of what the rating is for. PMs asking about the presence of specific squicks or triggers will be answered as promptly as possible.


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If you don't want a Dreamwidth account, but you have an account with LiveJournal, WordPress, Yahoo, or any other OpenID-enabled service, you can log in with OpenID. This will also allow you to get things like comment notifications and access to locked fics.

If you can't log in at all, or want to comment anonymously for whatever reason, please sign your comments. It doesn't matter if the pseudonym is one you use elsewhere on the Internet, as long as it's consistent.


Blog: [syndicated profile] erinptah_feed
Webcomic: And Shine Heaven Now ([community profile] shineheaven)
Community: [ profile] erin_fans
Website: Erin Ptah dot com
Fanart: sailorptah on deviantART ([syndicated profile] da_sailorptah_feed)

Comms where you may see me:
[community profile] anime_manga: A little something for everyone
[ profile] fakenews_fanfic: Fake news and related series
[community profile] punditfic: Fake news fic on DW
[community profile] sailormoonfans: Pretty soldiers, world-changing powers
[ profile] where_inthewrld: Carmen Sandiego/Waldo shipping


As John Hodgman writes in More Information Than You Require:

There have been lots of times when I will be doing an "acting job," and I know I messed up. Maybe I showed up drunk. Or maybe I refused to show up at all because they didn't get me into first class on the way out, or didn't get the crabs, or someone made eye contact with me.

Even then, they still say: "You did great. Nice job. You're brilliant. You were right to refuse to come to the set and to hit me with your diamond-tipped cane. I'm sorry I looked at you."

THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANT TO HEAR. I know when I've messed up, and like any artist, I need and want honest feedback. But it will never come.

...So I've learned to accept the empty praise with grace and humility and just move on to the next shot. You learn to develop your own inner compass. So that even when someone tells you, "You know, I respect you, but that wasn't really your best work," you know, instinctively, they're just telling you what you want to hear. It probably
was your best work. YOUR BEST WORK EVER.

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