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Got myself a card for [community profile] longfic_bingo!

There's no time limit on these; it's one indefinite round, so you can take as long as you need to earn the amount of points required to level up. Good, because I'm not sure I even have any ideas yet....

Band!fic Vampires Minor illness Collar Threesome / moresome
Fusion - Any Grief Whipping / Flogging Fantasy world Hallucinations
Humiliation Accidental marriage WILD CARD Arranged marriage Phobias
Addiction Crossover - Any In Space Blackmail / extortion Crossdressing
Genderswap Chastity device Rape / non-con Pretend relationship Different historical period

For fics that were WIPs at the time of card receipt (Jan. 16), only the portion posted after that time is counted for wordcount.

Persephone's Waltz (from chapter 17) (17,593 words | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | grief)
Silent (from chapter 2) (13,468 words | fake news | wildcard: pre-canon event changed)
Collar U (9,789 words | fake news | collar)
Shout*For, Act I (81,219 words | fake news | band!fic)
He Says He Is An Oceanographer (20,959 words | Welcome to Night Vale, The Little Mermaid | fusion - any)

Shout*For, Act II (xxx words | fake news | pretend relationship)
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This post links to all the fanworks posted in this journal, except:
♠ Icons, found at the icon roundup tag
Daily Show/Colbert Report and related series, which are now on their very own sub-index.

Fake news crossovers with little/no focus on non-TDS/TCR characters are now at the fake news masterpost.

Most of the fics are mirrored on the AO3 at [ profile] sailorptah. Mixes are hosted at my 8tracks account.


• Fanfiction
 • Doctor Whoniverse
 • Doctor Who/Fake News
 • Doctor Who/Fake News/Red Dwarf/others
 • Doctor Who/Good Omens
 • Doctor Who/Sailor Moon
 • Hellsing
 • Hellsing/Sailor Moon
 • Hello From The Magic Tavern/Labyrinth
 • His Dark Materials
 • ILLUSIONOID(/various)
 • Jeeves & Wooster
 • Krazy Kat
 • Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica
 • Read or Die
 • Sailor Moon
 • Sailor Moon/various
 • Sailor Moon/Welcome to Night Vale
 • Sandman, Good Omens
 • United States of Tara
 • Waldo/Carmen Sandiego
 • Welcome to Night Vale
 • Welcome to Night Vale/Fake News/Magic School Bus
 • Welcome to Night Vale/His Dark Materials
 • Welcome to Night Vale/Thrilling Adventure Hour
 • The Wizard of Oz
 • Doctor Whoniverse
 • Hellsing
 • Pet Shop of Horrors
 • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
 • United States of Tara
 • Welcome to Night Vale
 • Waldo/Carmen Sandiego
 • Other Series
 • General/Miscellaneous

Fiction and Fanmixes )

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All my fics and mixes for The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, their extended universe, and various related series.

Crossovers are included here, although crossovers with lots of focus on the non-fake-news characters may be duplicated at the main masterpost.

Fake News Fiction and Fanmixes )

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