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Hurt/Comfort Bingo Masterpost

A roundup of prompts and fills completed for various rounds of [community profile] hc_bingo.


2017: Round 8

After a long break, trying to get back in the game.

undeserved reputationsecret identity discoveredarenabeggingelectrocution
mutationnauseahypoglycemia / low blood sugarbody / mindswaploss of limb / amputation / mutilation
heart attack / heart troublehypothermia WILD CARD resurrectionallergic reaction
atonementalien abductionmotion sicknesssecret alliesexplosion
learning to be lovedimprisonmentskeletons in the closettaking care of somebodytentacles

Ghosts In The Fog (mix | Madoka Magica | resurrection)
The Truth (mix | fake news | atonement)
Galactic Amity (fic | fake news | alien abduction)


May 2015 Amnesty Challenge

No full card from round 5, just a mini-challenge. One fill, must be a crossover, for any prompt.

Stockholm syndrome
loss of identity
learning to be loved
loss of hearing

The Last Name in the Universe (fic | ILLUSIONOID, Welcome to Night Vale, Kakos Industries, Thrilling Adventure Hour | loss of identity)


2013: Round 4

Let's do the Time Warp again~! (No mini-challenges this year, just the full card.)

prostitution cages therapy interrogation making deals with demons
attacked by a creature taking care of somebody isolation moving extortion
eating disorders electrocution WILD CARD hostages pneumonia
loss of identity Stockholm syndrome skeletons in the closet poltergeist insomnia
natural disasters grief brainwashing body image issues rape / non-con

Rogues' Gallery (I) (fic | Fake News | hostages)
Rogues' Gallery (II) (fic | Fake News | making deals with demons)
Rogues' Gallery (III) (fic | Fake News | brainwashing)
Rogues' Gallery (IV) (fic | Fake News | poltergeist)


2012: Round 3

The time for the next round has come again! And there was much rejoicing. The card:

medication insomnia whipping / flogging humiliation taking care of somebody
loss of home / shelter heat stroke kidnapping amnesia hugs
unrequited pining archaic medical treatment WILD CARD panic attacks sacrifice
severe / life-threatening illness unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding blood loss lost childhood restrained
forced to rely on enemy / rival loss of voice poisoning job-related trauma comfort food or item

Bingo: Four Corners
Memento Volui (fic | Fake News | medication)
All My Roads Lead To You (fic | Fake News, Sentinel AU | taking care of somebody) (+150)
Homecoming Queens (fic | Fake News | wild card: family) (+50)
Little Red State Parka With Hood And Gloves (fic | Fake News | forced to rely on enemy/rival)
Red Bow Gives You Wings (art | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | comfort food or item) (+150)

Bingo: Parallel Diagonals
Ten reasons for the sleep loss after Jon knocked Stephen up (fic | Fake News | insomnia) (+50)
Osiris Descending (fic | Sailor Moon | loss of home/shelter) (+100)
And Dried Up All The Rain (fic | Fake News | hugs) (+50)
What Do You Wear To A Geek Wedding, Anyway? (fic | Fake News | panic attacks)
But The Din In My Head, It's Too Much, And It's No Good (fic | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | blood loss)
It Won't Cost Much - Just Your Voice (icons | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | loss of voice) (+100)

Bingo: Parallel Diagonals
Persephone's Waltz (Volume I) (fic | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | sacrifice) (+150)
Room For One More (fic | FAKE | lost childhood)
In Vino Veneum (fic | Fake News | poisoning)
Messiah (fic | Sailor Moon | restrained)
These Winds And Tides (fic | Fake News | job-related trauma)


May 2012 Amnesty Challenge

Requires one fill, which much be for a small fandom (<400 fics), for any prompt on the card:

drowning death hazing asphyxiation
The Marble Monuments of Oz (fic | The Wizard of Oz | death)


April 2012 Mini-Challenge

Requires one fill, which must be a crossover, for any prompt on the mini-card:

learning to be loved accidental mating for life secret identity discovered sensory deprivation
Spell Me Once, Shame On You (fic | Fake News/Harry Potter | accidental mating for life)


February 2012 Amnesty Challenge

Requires one fill, which must include all the prompts, for the postage-stamp card:

WILD CARD unrequited pining
lost childhood stalkers
But She Talks Like A Gentle Soul (fic | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | wild card: orphans, unrequited pining, lost childhood, stalkers)


2011: Round 2

First proper round I'm playing in. The glorious full-size card:

poisoning mindswap major illness hostages attacked by a creature
homesickness invisibility amnesia heat stroke corporal punishment
drowning loss of vision WILD CARD confession in desperate situation archaic medical treatment
forced to hurt somebody brainwashing eating disorders taking care of somebody arrest
experiments by evil scientists minor illness caught in a robbery bullet wounds headaches / migraines

Bingo (Diagonals)
Till Human Voices Wake Us, And We Drown (mix | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | drowning)
Open Heart (fic | Fake News | invisibility)
Gimme Shelter (fic | United States of Tara | major illness)
Homudespair (art | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | forced to hurt somebody)
By The Sword (comic | Hellsing | loss of vision) (+150)
Patient (fic | The Wizard of Oz | amnesia)
Boyfriend In Distress: the Tuxedo Mask Is Kind Of Useless picspam (picspam | Sailor Moon | hostages) (+150)

Bonus: All 25
With My Own Hands (art | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | all 25 prompts)

Bingo (Diagonals)
Feel The Magic, Hear The Purr (fic | Fake News | mindswap)
Do I Dare--? (art | Fake News | homesickness) (+150)
Tentacolbert (NSFW) (art | Fake News | attacked by a creature) (+150)
Not A Southern Belle (art | Fake News | heat stroke) (+150)
It Came From Beyond The Stars And Stripes (fic | Fake News | wild card: unexpected pregnancy) (+100)
Fear Puppetry (art/manip | Fake News | brainwashing) (+150)
Are You Sure This Is Super Serum? (art | Fake News | experiments by evil scientists) (+150)

Bonus: All 25
I Still Need You (vid | Fake News | all 25 prompts) (brainstorming)

Extra (Parallel Lines)
Ein ganz besondrer Saft (fic | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | poisoning, attacked by a creature)
Scars (art | Fake News | homesickness, corporal punishment) (+150)
didn't he heal, weren't the spring seeds planted (fic | Fake News | drowning, archaic medical treatment)
I'm Sorry, My Prince (comic | Pretty Anchor Sailor Jon | forced to hurt somebody, brainwashing) (+150)
Five (And Then Some) Heart Crystals The Death Busters Never Stole (fic | Sailor Moon and crossovers: Fake News, Madoka☆Magica, His Dark Materials, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who | experiments by evil scientists, headaches/migraines)

Bingo (Straight Line)
Sprinkles (art | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica | experiments by evil scientists) (+150)
Whither Thou Goest (mix | But I'm A Cat Person | brainwashing)
Castles in the Sand (fic | Fake News | wild card: unexpected pregnancy, unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding) (+150)
In Summer's Parching Heat (fic | Fake News | heat stroke)
Chill (fic | Fake News | attacked by a creature)


April 2011 Mini-Challenge

Requires one fill, which must be a crossover, for any prompt on the mini-card:

heat stroke forced marriage pining: confession in desperate situation pneumonia
Disney Magic (fic | Fake News/Pet Shop of Horrors | heat stroke)