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Title: Concubindecision 2004
Rating: R
Characters/pairings: Sam/Jon, Jon/"Stephen", Rob Corddry/Ed Helms, Sam/Jason
Disclaimer/Warnings: See the table of contents.

Haremverse backstory, starring Team TDS 2004. When Jon abruptly decides to [try to] become a kinder, gentler sex-slave owner, he'll have to do some work, and take on some personal risk, before Sam trusts that he means it. Ditto for her buddies Rob and Ed. (Stephen buys it immediately, but he's, well, Stephen.)

'What, did he read some trashy romance and take it a little too seriously?' )
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Title: In Vino Venenum
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Jon/"Stephen", Olivia/Kristen, Sam, ensemble
Disclaimer/Warnings: See the table of contents.

A haremverse prompt from [personal profile] kribban: "Sam, as the head concubine is in charge of punishing the others if they break the rules. Olivia does, is punished in a creative way, and Kristin comforts her." Even without Jon's orders controlling the household, their precarious safety takes plenty of rules and efforts to keep up. (The title, assuming I've translated it right, means "in wine, poison.")

For my [community profile] hc_bingo round 3 card, prompt "poisoning."

Sam and Olivia manned the kitchen, advising Beck's cooks on portion sizes, Jon's favorite seasonings, and, hopefully, not sabotaging his immune system and leading him to a grisly demise. )
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Title: And Then There Were Nine
Rating: R
Characters/pairings: Jon/"Stephen", Olivia/Kristen, Wyatt, Jessica, others
Disclaimer/Warnings: See the table of contents.

A trio of worldbuilding scenes, setting the stage up to the time where Jessica has just joined the group. General mileau was from an AU meme; character combinations were from reader prompts; the continuity ended up all fitting together.

But sure enough, she was wearing the big poofy pants, which meant she was a legit harem member and not an unusually dirt-free street urchin trying to sneak off with some of their wine. )
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Title: I Am Qumarica (And So Can You!)
Rating: Through R
Contents: Slavery, humiliation, attempted murder, consent issues of all kinds
Characters/pairings: Primarily Jon/"Stephen", Olivia/Kristen, and Sam/Jason, with others
Blanket Disclaimer: #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement. Characters belong to the Report. Names of real people are used in a fictitious context, and all dialogue, actions, and content are products of the author's imagination only.

Loosely connected tales from the AU where Jon owns a harem, with a bunch of the correspondents as his concubines. Featuring idficcy sex slavery for some, snark and wary self-sufficiency for others, a dark!Jon struggling to redeem himself, and a background of vaguely cutthroat political infighting.

Takes place in a fictional empire called Qumarica, a play on the fictional state of Qumar in The West Wing (h/t [personal profile] politicette for the idea). Thus the title.

Stories and artwork )


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