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Title: Gimme Shelter
Fandom: United States of Tara
Characters/Pairings: Tara and the alters; canon pairings
Rating: R
Warnings: As with the show: deals with rape, child abuse, violence, language, bodily fluids.

Vaguely AU to Season 3, heavier on the listening and comforting, lighter on the shouting and gratuitous pseudo-violence. Also, with no alter!Bryce.

Instead of flailing around blindly when it comes to dealing with her system, Tara's trying to approach them with something like sidian3's 5 Steps to Cooperation (communication, reassurance, understanding, structure, and cooperation). Gimme-centric, but everyone gets their moments.

Written for my [community profile] hc_bingo card, prompt "major illness" (DID). Alice's book is Four Little Puppies (1935).

Tara walks their body to the local library, tries to listen to her instincts while they browse the children's shelf, and ends up with a stack of picture books sitting beside her at the window. )
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A compilation of icons from non-Daily arenas:

United States of Tara: 11
The Sarah Jane Adventures: 11
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 5
Krazy Kat: 10
Mina And The Count: 5
Hellsing: 4
Miscellaneous Fandoms: 11
Politics & Religion: 6
Other: 9

Total: 72. All free for use; just credit [personal profile] ptahrrific. Table code courtesy of this generator.

The vote of our God subcommittee is 10-8 in favor of one god, with two abstentions. )
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Medium: Television
Fandom: United States of Tara
Subject: Tara and her inner family
Title: All Systems Are Go

In the actual series, Tara and her personalities have troubled relationships. Most of them can't communicate directly with each other, and they spend more time being frustrated with each other than figuring out ways to cooperate and compromise.

This mix is a kind of AU Season 2, in which the alters start really getting to know each other and working together. Still includes some spoilers for canon, though. High-res version of the cover art.

You came upon me wave on wave / You're the reason I'm still here / Am I the one you were sent to save? )
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Medium: Television
Fandom: United States of Tara
Subject: Tara and the alters
Title: Every Now And Then I Fall Apart

Tara's a multiple. It makes her life complicated.

Spoilers for the entire first season. The second season will air next January (and you should all watch). You can find the fandom over at [ profile] us_of_tara.


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