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2017-06-06 07:48 pm

Hellsing | WalterxAlucard | G | Transylvania, Douze Points

Title: Transylvania, Douze Points
Rating: G
Cast: Alucard/Walter
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Hirano and/or the Eurovision Network.

Alucard and Walter listen to Europe's first Grand Prix de Chanson.

( "Does Lord Hellsing know about these dulcet German tones invading British airwaves?" )
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2016-01-25 11:19 am

Hellsing | HeinkelxYumie/ko | T | Three times the two of us first met

Title: Three times the two of us first met
Series: Hellsing
Rating: T
Cast: HeinkelxYumie/ko
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Hirano Kouta; I'm just borrowing.

Vintage fic. Wrote it in 2009 for a now-defunct prompt community (prompt: "first meetings")...then forgot I had finished it, whoops. Dusting it off now. Any HeinkelxYumie/ko shippers still in the house — this one's for you.

The first time Yumiko met Heinkel; the first time Yumie met Heinkel; and, as a result, the first time Yumiko met Yumie.

( 'Father Maxwell can stuff it,' replied Heinkel pleasantly. )
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2012-01-28 07:29 pm

The Great Icon Roundup IV: Hellsingpuffs Edition

A compilation of all the Hellsingpuffs icons (so far). The font used in the profile icons is Powerpuff.

Total: 198. All free for use; just credit [personal profile] ptahrrific. Table code courtesy of this generator.

Alucard is directionally challenged. )
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2011-10-27 02:20 pm

The Great Icon Roundup, Part III: And Shine Heaven Now Edition.

Icons of All The Characters, and a bunch of the pairings and trios, from the Hellsing-and-more fancomic And Shine Heaven Now and its Colbert-centric spinoff The Eagle of Hermes.

Hellsing: 55
Hellsing (Alternate Universes): 6
Read or Die: 10
Comics: 9 (Little Orphan Annie, Calvin and Hobbes, The Yellow Kid, Buster Brown)
Maria-sama ga Miteru: 9
Sailor Moon: 8
Fake News: 7
Good Omens: 7
Lupin III: 7
Scooby-Doo: 7
Pet Shop of Horrors: 7
Doctor Who: 6
Victorian Romance Emma: 5
Vintage Hirano hentai: 4
Jeeves & Wooster: 4
Witch Hunter Robin: 4
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 3
Saint Tail: 3
Miscellaneous: 10 (Madeline, H. G. Wells, Gunsmith Cats, Dracula, Soul Eater, Powerpuff Girls, Franken Fran, Vampire Hunter D, the Bible, fangirls)
Original Characters: 20

Total: 187. All free for use; just credit [personal profile] ptahrrific or And Shine Heaven Now. Table code courtesy of this generator.

Source artwork: And We All Shine On.

And we all shine on )
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2011-03-11 02:41 pm

Fake News(/Hellsing): Night Kept Chain'd Below

Title: Night Kept Chain'd Below
Rating: R
Warnings: Gore, fantasies of violence
Pairings/Characters: "Stephen", Jon
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the Report. Names of real people are used in a fictitious context, and all dialogue, actions, and content are products of the author's imagination only.

Another recent prompt: "Nightmare", from [personal profile] w_thit. Takes place in the Eagle of Hermes universe, some time in the early 2000s. The title continues with the whole Tempest-quoting theme it picked up. Mirror on the AO3.

The flying is nice. That's something, at least. Rushing above the skyscrapers in a swarm of eyes and wings and radar-dish ears, or floating insubstantial down the streets and letting the city breathe him in and out. )
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2011-02-22 08:48 pm

The Great Icon Roundup, Part II: All And Sundry Edition.

A compilation of icons from non-Daily arenas:

United States of Tara: 11
The Sarah Jane Adventures: 11
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 5
Krazy Kat: 10
Mina And The Count: 5
Hellsing: 4
Miscellaneous Fandoms: 11
Politics & Religion: 6
Other: 9

Total: 72. All free for use; just credit [personal profile] ptahrrific. Table code courtesy of this generator.

The vote of our God subcommittee is 10-8 in favor of one god, with two abstentions. )
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2010-11-04 08:02 pm

Mix - Hellsing: A Dream Among The Sharks

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Hellsing
Subject: IntegraxAlucard
Title: A Dream Among The Sharks
Warnings: Spoilers through all of Hellsing

In which Alucard and Integra spend large portions of their relationship denying the searing sexual tension between them, and most of the rest of it being alone while the other one is dearly departed. This is the tale of their struggle to squeeze in some passionate romance during those brief periods when they're both around.

See also clean/high-res cover art.

I've searched for a thousand hours, through the town and places we knew, past grand old castles and gothic towers, hoping they would lead me to you )
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2010-03-02 01:50 am

Mix - Hellsing: Delicate & Innocent

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Hellsing
Subject: Heinkel/Yumiko
Title: Delicate & Innocent
Warnings: Violence; mental illness; sexual abuse; (canonical) character death.

They're a nun with multiple personalities who switches between a timid innocent and a katana-swinging berserker. S/he's a gun-wielding intersex soldier who poses as a priest. They fight crime!

...and they only appear in a handful of chapters (plus a couple of non-canon side stories), none of which are particularly character-development-filled. So most of this mix is personal fanon.

Cover art.

You taste like paradise, I know I'm breathing in borrowed heaven )
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2009-04-22 05:40 pm

Mix - Hellsing: The Monsters Are Coming

Fandom: Hellsing
Subject: Walter and Alucard
Title: The Monsters Are Coming
Warnings: Spoilers for both Hellsing and The Dawn.

He's a fourteen-year-old soldier who can kill you with dental floss. She's a centuries-old vampire masquerading as a girl in a fuzzy hat. They fight crime!

(...That said, this is a mostly serious Walter-and-Girlycard mix. Cover art.)

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2009-03-12 09:51 pm

First lines meme

Snagged from [ profile] tehlobster:

Post the first lines from each of your 25 most recent fanfic pieces and try to find a pattern.

Under the cut... )

(What say the rest of you? Any thoughts? Observations? Blatantly obvious patterns that you can't believe I haven't spotted, already?)
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2009-02-09 09:06 pm

Mix - Hellsing: sub specie aeternitatis

Fandom: Hellsing
Title: sub specie aeternitatis
Theme: #14 - "Hush" (instrumental)

For a challenge over at [ profile] fanmix, a roughly chronological Alucard mix.

The title means "to see from the perspective of eternity."

In the end, little he can do alone )
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2009-02-06 12:26 am

Mix - Hellsing: London In Memoriam

Fandom: Hellsing
Title: London In Memoriam

Legend tells us that Kōta Hirano once visited London, where he had such a bad time that he decided to destroy it. Given the agonizingly slow pace at which he draws manga, the city has been going up in flames for a few years now.

Here are some songs for London, and supernatural battles, and lost homes.

With different art, this could double as a Doctor Who mix. As it is, the cover illustration is from Hellsing, volume 7, chapter 8.

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2009-02-05 03:11 pm

Mix - Hellsing: In Love With Your Ghost

Title: In Love With Your Ghost
Warnings: Some spoilers; some cursing.
Disclaimer: It's Kōta Hirano's world; I'm just playing in it.

This started when I noticed just how many songs there are about relationships in which one partner doesn't physically exist. A mix about Seras and Pip, focusing on the time after Pip's death.

Your memory is a ghost / And my heart is its host. )
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2009-02-04 10:59 pm

Mix - Hellsing - Gentlemen, We Love War

Fandom: Hellsing
Title: Gentlemen, We Love War
Warnings: Some spoilers; lots of Nazis.

A two-disc mix for Millennium, the best bad guys ever. Seriously, they're a bunch of vampire Nazis who set out to make war for no reason other than they feel like it. What could be easier to hate?

The first disc covers the individual characters, with one or two songs for each. The second covers the general arc of the war. Walter's arc is unfortunately only touched on, but aside from that it tries to be comprehensive. Ranges from deadly serious to, frankly, pretty silly.

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2008-07-27 03:52 pm

Hellsing: In The Beginning

Title: In The Beginning
Genres: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yumiko thinks she's plagued by a demon. Then she meets her angel.

For the HeinkelxYumie/ko claim at [ profile] hellsing_drops. Theme 33: Angel.

It was only fair that they had locked Yumiko up. )
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2008-07-15 02:57 pm


If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence/paragraph/whatever from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don’t mention anything else — this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

I did this for the comics, mixes, and fic I have in progress. There are kind of a lot of these.

The result is over on my blog ([ profile] erinptah); follow the fake cut!

( Starring characters from fake news, Hellsing, Doctor Who, Strangers With Candy, Krazy Kat, Marimite, The Ambiguously Gay Duo, and The Lord of the Rings, not necessarily in that order. )
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2006-10-10 06:28 am

Hellsing: "Five Billion Years Later..."

Title: Five Billion Years Later...
Fandom: Hellsing
Genre: Futuristic dystopia
Words: ~500
Rating: PG for creepiness
Warnings: Not funny.
Disclaimer: Hellsing is the creation of Kōta Hirano. Characters used without permission - but with love (and, more importantly from a legal standpoint, without profit).

Notes: For my DandyxHuntress claim at [ profile] hellsing_drops. Scanned the themes list to see if one would jump out at me. One did. Theme #86: Dying Sun.

Really, the title says it all. )
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2006-07-14 11:09 pm

Hellsing: "Three Valentines"

Title: Three Valentines
Fandom: Hellsing
Genre: Backstory, general, minor fluff
Words: ~1000
Rating: PG for violence, vampirism
Warnings: The neon "LIVE NUDES" sign is not actually important to the story. Don't get your hopes up.
Disclaimer: Hellsing is the creation of Kōta Hirano. Characters used without permission - but with love (and, more importantly from a legal standpoint, without profit).

Notes: For my DandyxHuntress claim at [ profile] hellsing_drops. Theme #29: Valentine. (Posted February 13.)

Rip and Alhambra spend Valentine's Day on the job in rainy England. It's a good thing they don't run into any enemies, because their allies are trouble enough. )
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2006-07-12 01:22 am

Hellsing: "Spring Cleaning"

Title: Spring Cleaning
Fandom: Hellsing
Genre: Comedy, fluff
Words: ~670
Rating: G
Warnings: Major in an apron. Not for the weak of stomach.
Disclaimer: Hellsing is the creation of Kōta Hirano. Characters used without permission - but with love (and, more importantly from a legal standpoint, without profit).

Notes: The first full fic for my DandyxHuntress claim at [ profile] hellsing_drops. Theme #66: Rituals

There's a ritual every spring at Millennium HQ. Unfortunately, it's the Dandy's first spring with the group. Can Rip save him? )
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2006-07-11 03:31 am

Hellsing: Christmas Conversation

Title: "Christmas Conversation"
Fandom: Hellsing
Genre: Fluff
Words: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: Contains operatic analysis.
Disclaimer: Hellsing is the creation of Kōta Hirano. Characters used without permission - but with love (and, more importantly from a legal standpoint, without profit).

Notes: For the Christmas contest at [ profile] hellsing_drops, and my DandyxHuntress claim.

'Until this point, we tend to assume that Max didn't know what he was getting into.' )