Feb. 4th, 2009

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Fandom: RG Veda
Title: The Schism
Warnings: Spoilers through volume 9.

Ashura is fated to bring death and destruction to the world. Pretty much everyone is out to kill him, to stop him from bringing down their civilizations. Oh, and he's a lonely little kid who just wants to be loved. But that's not easy when destiny is bringing the world crashing down around him.

Ashura'n'Yasha fluffiness; an overabundance of destiny; and lots and lots of angst. Made before I read the last volume of the manga, so the ending isn't a spoiler, just an admittedly hopeful prediction.

Things go from bad to worse; you think they can't get worse than that, and then they do. )
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Fandom: Maria-sama ga Miteru (Marimite) (English title: Mary Watches Over Us)
Title: dark-colored school uniforms

For [livejournal.com profile] fanmix theme #14 - "Hush" (instrumental)

As a series, Marimite is the closest thing I have ever seen to pure character development, unsullied by plot. Things happen, but the series is not about the things. It's about the people.

So here's a mix for the students of Lillian.

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Fandom: Hellsing
Title: Gentlemen, We Love War
Warnings: Some spoilers; lots of Nazis.

A two-disc mix for Millennium, the best bad guys ever. Seriously, they're a bunch of vampire Nazis who set out to make war for no reason other than they feel like it. What could be easier to hate?

The first disc covers the individual characters, with one or two songs for each. The second covers the general arc of the war. Walter's arc is unfortunately only touched on, but aside from that it tries to be comprehensive. Ranges from deadly serious to, frankly, pretty silly.


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