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Erin Ptah ([personal profile] ptahrrific) wrote2016-01-25 11:19 am

Hellsing | HeinkelxYumie/ko | T | Three times the two of us first met

Title: Three times the two of us first met
Series: Hellsing
Rating: T
Cast: HeinkelxYumie/ko
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Hirano Kouta; I'm just borrowing.

Vintage fic. Wrote it in 2009 for a now-defunct prompt community (prompt: "first meetings")...then forgot I had finished it, whoops. Dusting it off now. Any HeinkelxYumie/ko shippers still in the house — this one's for you.

The first time Yumiko met Heinkel; the first time Yumie met Heinkel; and, as a result, the first time Yumiko met Yumie.

( 'Father Maxwell can stuff it,' replied Heinkel pleasantly. )