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Icons of All The Characters, and a bunch of the pairings and trios, from the Hellsing-and-more fancomic And Shine Heaven Now and its Colbert-centric spinoff The Eagle of Hermes.

Hellsing: 55
Hellsing (Alternate Universes): 6
Read or Die: 10
Comics: 9 (Little Orphan Annie, Calvin and Hobbes, The Yellow Kid, Buster Brown)
Maria-sama ga Miteru: 9
Sailor Moon: 8
Fake News: 7
Good Omens: 7
Lupin III: 7
Scooby-Doo: 7
Pet Shop of Horrors: 7
Doctor Who: 6
Victorian Romance Emma: 5
Vintage Hirano hentai: 4
Jeeves & Wooster: 4
Witch Hunter Robin: 4
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 3
Saint Tail: 3
Miscellaneous: 10 (Madeline, H. G. Wells, Gunsmith Cats, Dracula, Soul Eater, Powerpuff Girls, Franken Fran, Vampire Hunter D, the Bible, fangirls)
Original Characters: 20

Total: 187. All free for use; just credit [personal profile] ptahrrific or And Shine Heaven Now. Table code courtesy of this generator.

Source artwork: And We All Shine On.

And we all shine on )
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Title: Disney Magic
Rating: PG
Series: Pet Shop of Horrors/Fake News
Pairings/Characters: Jon, an Olberclone, D, ???
Disclaimer: #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement. PSoH is not mine.

For [community profile] hc_bingo; master post with card. Takes place in the Eagle of Hermes universe, in the summer of 2009. Illustration here.

Mirror on the AO3.

Still trying to figure out how to bond with his newly adopted daughter, Jon takes her on what should have been a magical vacation. But when she gets overwhelmed by the heat, they end up taking refuge in a shop that looks mysteriously off-brand. Featuring quotes from Special Comments, various takes on mermaids, and a special appearance by T-chan while trying to be inconspicuous.

'That's because the sign at the store was trying to get parents to buy their little girls Ariel dresses.' )
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Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors
Subject: The shop
Title: Dolente
Warnings: Some gore/horror; spoilers through the end of the first manga series

Songs for Count D's pet shop, and the creatures within. The title is a musical term meaning "sorrowfully, plaintively." It doesn't fit all the songs, but it works with the tone of the series. (Also, it starts with a D, which is important in this series.)

If you need a refresher on chapter contents, Wikipedia has summaries. Scans of the whole first series are here.

And after all, we're only ordinary men )


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