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Medium: Television/books/games
Fandom: Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?/Where's Waldo?
Subject: Carmen/Waldo
Title: My Favorite Place Is Me And You

I keep trying to make a fluffy mix about these two, but it always gets tragic by the end. Sigh.

Mostly Carmen's POV. More of the pairing here and at [ profile] where_inthewrld.

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Snagged from [ profile] tehlobster:

Post the first lines from each of your 25 most recent fanfic pieces and try to find a pattern.

Under the cut... )

(What say the rest of you? Any thoughts? Observations? Blatantly obvious patterns that you can't believe I haven't spotted, already?)
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Fandom: Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?/Where's Waldo?
Title: Lose Myself With You

She's an exotic international thief. He's a regular guy. Where in the world are they? Probably with each other. (Cover art.)

(As always, fans of the pairing are invited to [ profile] where_inthewrld.)
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Title: The Mission
Fandom: Where's Waldo?/Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Pairing: Carmen/Waldo
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG

For a Carmen/Waldo claim over at [ profile] 1sentence. In which master hider Waldo is the newest recruit at ACME, where he's assigned to track down the notoriously slippery Carmen Sandiego. Sparks fly.

(You may want to scan the summary of the Waldo TV series and watch a bit of the old Carmen cartoon before reading.)

'This is my first time,' he admits; she lifts an eyebrow, which is all it takes to have him blushing and stammering: 'I meant going on an ACME mission!' )


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