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[Mix] Night Vale/His Dark Materials | ensemble | T | Welcome To The New Age [OST]

Title: Welcome To The New Age
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale, His Dark Materials
Subject: Republic of Heaven Community Radio
Rating: G

Official soundtrack for the Welcome to Night Vale/His Dark Materials crossover! (Spoilers through the end of A Blinking Light Up On The Clouded Mountain.)

Complete with flashy cover art, in the style of the Night Vale live shows.

Welcome To The New Age from erinptah.

Within Temptation . Radioactive
(Theme song for the whole story. If it was a film series, this would be the trailer music.)
I'm waking up to ash and Dust / It's a revolution, I suppose / This is it, the apocalypse / Welcome to the new age

Dum Dums . Army Of Two
(Humans and their daemons. Carlos and Isaña especially.)
When the burdens of the world are on me, and people seem unkind / I just need to be beside you, you give me peace of mind

Miley Cyrus . My Heart Beats For Love
(Cecil's voice reaches to the world of the dead. Post-death, Carlos finally lets go of his [ironic] sense of betrayal and reaches back.)
Got lost in the shadows / Fell hard in the battle / I'm calling out, can you hear my voice? / So shine your light as I reach for you

Belinda Carlisle . Heaven Is A Place On Earth
(Where you are is the most important place. Building the Republic together.)
Baby I was afraid before / But I'm not afraid anymore / They say in heaven love comes first / We'll make heaven a place on earth

Anastasia . Once Upon A December
(Cecil struggles with lost memories of his brother.)
Far away, long ago / Glowing dim as an ember / Things my heart used to know / Things it yearns to remember

Florence & The Machine . Cosmic Love
(Cecil's separation ordeal / Emmanuel being trapped away from his daemon.)
The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out / You left me in the dark / No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight / In the shadow of your heart

NICOTINE . If We Hold On Together
(Dana, displaced in space and time, learning to trust her own importance...and starting to raise some armies.)
Souls in the wind must learn how to bend / Seek out a star, hold on to the end / Live your story / Faith, hope and glory / Hold to the truth in your heart

Bon Jovi . It's My Life
(Tamika and the Advanced Readers. They shall not die of a cold.)
Better stand tall when they're calling you out / Don't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down / It's my life, and it's now or never / I ain't gonna live forever / I just want to live while I'm alive

Rock of Ages . Harden My Heart / Shadows Of The Night
(Henriette, Tamika, Emmanuel, and others on a rescue mission in Desert Bluffs.)
Ransom your heart, but baby don't look back / It'll be all right / I'm gonna harden my heart / I'm gonna swallow my tears

Pink Floyd [Royal Philharmonic Orchestra] . Goodbye Blue Sky
(The first night of Strexcorp's siege of Night Vale.)
Did you see the frightened ones / Did you hear the falling bombs / Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky

Within Temptation . Our Solemn Hour
(The town fights back. For a while it's chaos.)
In my darkest hours I could not foresee / That the tide could turn so fast to this degree / Sanctus Espiritus, redeem us from our solemn hour / Sanctus Espiritus, insanity is all around us

Frozen . Frozen Heart
(Enter the witches, turning the tide.)
Beautiful, powerful, dangerous, cold / Ice has a magic, can't be controlled

John Parr . St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
(Emmanuel, still unmemorable, doing his part as he knows he must.)
Play the game / You know you can't quit until it's won / Soldier on / Only you can do what must be done / And I can make it, I know I can / You broke the boy in me, but you won't break the man

Blood Brothers . Tell Me It's Not True
(Steve loses Renée.)
Say it's just a show / On the radio / That we can turn over and start again

Lauren Aquilina . Sinners
(And the scientists bring her back.)
So let's be sinners to be saints / And let's be winners by mistake / Let's start fires for heaven's sake

Bruce Springsteen . Radio Nowhere
(Installing a radio station in the basalt fortress, and summoning an army to the wasteland.)
I want a thousand guitars / I want pounding drums / I want a million different voices speaking in tongues

Fall Out Boy . The Phoenix
(Dana coordinating the siege on the Mountain, with her daemon settling along the way.)
So we can take the world back from the heart-attacked / One maniac at a time we will take it back / Then I'll raise you, like a phoenix

Rihanna . Towards The Sun
(The ground team setting a trap for the Smiling God...and Carlos facing it down.)
It's not worth my soul / Turn your face towards the sun / Let the shadows fall behind you

Jennifer Lopez . Feel The Light
(Carlos coming out of surgery / Cecil reunited with his brother / Kevin meeting his daemon.)
I still remember when things were broken / But put together, the cracks will close in / Remember what we forgot, I know it's a long shot / But we're bringing it all back

Sarah Brightman . Shall Be Done
(Establishing the first inter-worldly science exchange.)
Touch and bring / Millions of hearts to share and sing / Ideas for a world to come / Shall be done

Owl City . When Can I See You Again?
(Friends from different universes say their goodbyes...for now.)
Look all around at all the mountains you haven't climbed / It's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly

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