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Welcome to Night Vale, His Dark Materials | Republic of Heaven Community Radio [Masterpost]

Title: Republic of Heaven Community Radio
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale, His Dark Materials
Characters/Pairings: Cecil/Carlos, Khoshekh, Carlos's family, a whole pack of scientists, Josie, angels, Steve and kid, Earl, Dana, the Man in the Tan Jacket, the Apache Tracker, the Faceless Old Woman, Pamela Winchell, Serafina Pekkala, Xaphania, past Lyra/Will, Tamika, Lord Asriel, Hiram McDaniels, Kevin, Lauren, and more
Rating: T
Contents: Re-education, non-con daemon-touching, daemon separation, physical violence, religious trauma, blood/injury, character death, mentions of suicide/suicide attempts, intercision. Basically, canon-typical violence/trauma, for both canons.
Disclaimer: Night Vale and everything related are the property of Commonplace Books. His Dark Materials setting and ideas are all Phillip Pullman's.

A masterpost for the WtNV His Dark Materials AU. See also: the TVTropes Page.


Book I: He Says He Is An Experimental Theologian

182K words. Carlos, lifelong admirer of Dr. Lyra Belacqua, takes a team to study Rusakov particles in the most theologically interesting community in Hispania Nova.

I'm living here now. This is my corner. (comic: Cecil and Steve during ch. 25)
Mark Reads: chapters 1-14 (video)
Podfic by Poetry (audio, in progress)

Interlude: Cecil On the N.T.A.

18K words. Cecil gets himself trapped in the subway for several years. It's one of the most stressful hours of Carlos's life.

Book II: A Blinking Light Up On The Clouded Mountain

313K words. The Republic of Heaven cannot be allowed to fall. Especially not to a Smiling God.

♦ Five Anonmeme Threads About Carlos (drabbles, 800 words: excerpts from in-universe [community profile] fail_fandomanon, mid-Book II)
♦ The Amber Martini Glass (comic:  Beyond Belief crossover scenes, through the end of Book II)
♦ How the daemons for the AU were chosen (Q&A)
Extended author's notes circa chapter 22 (A/N)
Five approaches for naming daemons (Q&A)
♦ The making of a cross-worldly dream team (A/N)

Post-Series Scenes & Stories:

Various lengths. See also spoilery post-series art.

Deleted Scenes Up On The Clouded Mountain (rejected plot twists, missing scenes, and cut-for-time jokes)
Brotherly Rivalry (comic: Cecil and family, post-series)
A Dragon At The Opera (ficlet, 681 words: Hiram McDaniels, post-series)

Soundtrack: Welcome To The New Age

Official soundtrack. Spoilers through the end of Book II.

Postlude: Let The Shadows Fall Behind You

Futurefic, 32K words. Janice goes through separation, and Cecil is not okay.
♦ ten feet under, and upside down (companion mix)

Flashback: You Cannot Shut The Windows Of The Sky

Flashback, 3.7K words. Snapshots from both worlds as Will and Lyra grow up.

Art: Cast Portraits


Art: Cecil & Carlos


Art: Others & Groups



Art: Reader contributions ♥

AU Vocabulary

Major references (everything not in these is fanon or invention)
+ Full list of canon terms from His Dark Materials
+ Best-guess map of North America

Geography - Americas
Black Hill = Tucson [O'odham name]
Brazil = country Cecil has visited but Carlos has never heard of, where they speak Weird Spanish and all the animals float
Florida = Spanish- and Muscogee-speaking independent country, largely Seminole-controlled.
Hispania Nova = Spanish-speaking country, former colonies of Spain. Covers our-world Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and western New Mexico.
Kinlání = Flagstaff [Navajo name]
Narraganset = a US state; covers roughly this area (including Trimountaine)
New Amsterdam = New York [historic name]
Ouisconsin = a US state; covers Wisconsin plus the parts of our-world Minnesota east of the Mississipi. (The dark-green area in this map.)
peninsular = archaic our-world term for Spanish-born people (i.e., from the Iberian peninsula) of fully Spanish descent. For AU purposes, in the modern Hispania Nova it's become the general term for people of fully European descent.
Swannendell = a US state; future of Swaanendael Colony; similar to our-world Delaware.
skraeling = in HDM canon, the word that ended up being used for all indigenous people of the New World, instead of "Indian". For purposes of this fic, it's a neutral, non-slur term.
Trimountaine = Boston [historic name]
United States of New Denmark = English-speaking country, former colonies of Brytain. Covers the our-world eastern US, as far west as the Mississippi and as far south as the Florida border.

Geography - Europe & Asia
Czech Republic = country Cecil has visited but Carlos has never heard of
Finland = country Cecil has visited but Carlos has never heard of, with good rock music
Fireland = our-world Iceland
Götaland = our-world southern Sweden
Iceland = country Carlos has never heard of
Katagalugan = Filipino
Lapland = country in in northern Fennoscandia
Luftnarp = country Cecil has visited but Carlos has never heard of
Österland = our-world southern Finland
Svealand = our-world central Sweden
Sweden = country Carlos has never heard of, where skvader live

Common terms
anbaric = electric
chapel = scientific laboratory
chocolatl = chocolate
Christie bridge = Wheatstone bridge
coal-silk = nylon
electrum = amber
experimental theology = science
marchpane = marzipan
Mexican badger = American badger
niton = radon
naptha = oil/petroleum
ordinater = computer
Rutherford counter = Geiger counter
vainilla = vanilla

Daemon Reference Guide

People of Night Vale
Apache Tracker: grey wolf
Barton Donovan: red squirrel
Cactus Jane: golden barrel cactus
Cactus Champ: unsettled
Cynthia: burrowing owl
Dana Cardinal: sand cat unsettled, Eustathias ()
Dana's mother: Afghan hound
Delphine Cabrera: Norwegian Lapp forest cat ()
Earl Harlan: American New Dane beaver
Faceless Old Woman: Texas blind salamander
Flora Sandero: East African oryx
Frances Donaldson: red-eyed tree frog
Franklin Wilson: raccoon
Germaine Donaldson: green tree frog
Hannah Gutierrez: desert grassland whiptail
Héctor: pug
Herschel Wallaby: orange-cheeked parrot
Jackie Fiero: black-and-white springer spaniel
Janice Cabrera: unsettled, Tehom
Janis Rio: football octopus (in a tank)
Jeremy: camel spider
John Peters (you know, the farmer?): longhorn cow
Juosukka "Old Woman Josie" Hirsti: peregrine falcon, Ojansi
Larry Leroy: Chartreux cat, Larry Leroy ()
Leann Hart: rainbow lorikeet
Lucy Gutierrez: Aruban whiptail
Man in the Tan Jacket: housefly (?), Neharah
Marcus Vansten: Jacobin pigeon
Martin McCaffrey: kuaka
Maureen Lanark: tan rabbit, Dalziel "D.L."
Megan Wallaby: unsettled (but always an animal's detached hind limb), Isidorus ()
Michael Sandero: roadrunner
Pamela Winchell: caracal
Renée Carlsberg: unsettled, Tovitthae
Roger Singh: red-shanked douc
Sarah Sultan: Patagonian mara
Simone Rigadeau: Anchiornis huxleyi
Stacy: Pomeranian
Steve Carlsberg: European badger, Taeminlahn
Tamika Flynn: African buffalo, Rashi
Teddy Williams: brushtail possum
Terrell Flynn: ring-tailed lemur
Trish Hidge: brown-headed cowbird
Tristan Cortez: kangaroo rat
Tuck Wallaby: red-necked wallaby
Vithya Banerjee: firefly
Walter Kincaid: frill-necked lizard

Cecil Guarnieri Palmero: margay, Khoshekh ()
Cecil's mother: tualapi, Bekhorei

People of Desert Bluffs
Daniel: wind-up mouse
Kevin: official brand-name StrexDaemonTM, Bedamim
Lauren Mallard: mallard duck
Vanessa Crane: cockatrice, Orestes
Zariya Thiébaut (scientist): black-maned lion

Species with no (visible) daemons: angels, armored bears, dragons, glow clouds, hooded spectres, tarantulas, certain alternate-universe humans.

Carlos's Team (Book 1, Book 2), and Other Experimental Theologians
Adriana Corichi: iguana
Brad Hall: golden hamster
Carlos "Perfecto" Ramirez: three-banded armadillo, Isaña
Dotan Aref: speckled palm viper
Emily: black-tailed jackrabbit
Fleur Dirac: red-bellied grackle
Gerald: musk ox
Henriette Gaillard: alpine marmot, Clotère
Ichiro Nakayama: capuchin
Jordan: tufted deer
Keith Köhler: binturong, Rozarilde
Li Hua Zeng (and Li Hua Zeng): brown-throated wrens
Mateo: Siberian weasel

Nirliq Ashoona: Zanzibar red colobus
Omero Stepanyan: glossy starling
Perle Supelli: leopard gecko
Quentin Armenteros: southern flying squirrel
Rayshawn Green: blue poison dart frog
Sherie Oppenheimer: ring-tailed mongoose, Ahisamach
Sherie's family: Sam (Catalan sheepdog); Susannah, 17 (griffon vulture, Zephaniah); Seth, 12 (unsettled, Tirzah)

Carlo Raimondi (leader, Desert Bluffs team): spotted hyena, Caesena
Lars Feldt (physics director, Harvard): snow bunting
Feldt family: mother Paivi Feldt (Lapland longspur), grandmother Lena Feldt (snow bunting)
Neil Degrasse Tyson (cameo, HN Naval Observatory): alpine chough

Sylvia Kayali (archaeology director, University of What It Is): Siamese cat
Charles Raimeaux (archaeologist, University of What It Is): hedgehog

Carlos' Family (ages are from Christmas 2012):
Parents: Mamá, Iris (raccoon) & Papi, Tierno (common shelduck)
Sister & husband: Lena, 35 (straw-colored fruit bat) & Wes (vervet monkey)
Sister's kids: Dawn, 14 (jeweled curly-tailed lizard); Lucas, 13 (white antelope); Rosa, 9 (unsettled)
Brother & wife: Mike, 32 (maned wolf) & May (okapi)
Brother's kids: Brendan and Ethan, 7 (unsettled); Nate, 0.5 (unsettled)
Sister: Azalea, 28 (tocororo)

Spoilery Post-Series Art


brownbetty: (Default)

[personal profile] brownbetty 2014-03-09 05:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm only six chapters in and I'm really enjoying this! (I wrote a rec for my f-list here, which, as I am only starting the story, is basically me going "I think it is doing $thing! So exciting!") and if you have addressed this already I am sorry I missed it, and if you address it later I promise I will keep reading and find out for myself, but does Night Vale really have an English-language name in this universe?
bearwife: (pleased!)

[personal profile] bearwife 2014-07-11 10:41 pm (UTC)(link)
i actually took the effort to properly long in to dreamwidth (which i haven't done since my community RP days. wow.) so that i could comment here and tell you how much i absolutely LOVE He Says, like. My best friend introduced me to it, BEGGED me to read it once she heard i liked He Says He Is An Oceanographer -- and, admittedly, i was a little hesitant to get to reading because i've never read any of the books of His Dark Materials, and wasn't sure if i would enjoy reading from canons i wasn't into.

now, two novel length fics, a movie showing, and a few trips to the bookstore later, not only do i check for updates on He Says every few days, but i own all three HDM books and i am in love. holy shit. aforementioned best friend and i just GUSH to each other about updates, theorize, and i know i've doodled some of the characters a few times (but been too shy to post them...sobs....!) and just. it's so good??

He Says is one of those fic series that just seems so well meshed together that i would be perfectly okay if the two canons actually WERE meshed like this. carlos's science team are so well characterized and diverse and developed, the distinct ethnic choices you've made with the setting, the tie-ins to canon WTNV and HDM events (i'm terrified of once the fic gets to "visitor" -- i have a bet going that they're gonna try and sever cecil and khoshekh and i am horrified.) is just so, SO well done, and i'm amazed and in love with this universe and characters. really looking forward to keeping up with this story until the very end.

(also, would it be too much to ask for a reminder of what your tumblr is?? i'd just love to follow you oh man.)

sorry for the big long ramble! i just have lots of emotions about this series. i've recced it to almost every WTNV fan i know. just sayin.
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[personal profile] bearwife 2014-07-12 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
i definitely will! she'll be happy to hear it, i'm sure.

yeah, things became a lot cooler once i'd read the golden compass and realized literally just how horrifying some of the shit strex and others do in relation to daemons was. like, holy shit, that's fucked up. and the parallels between lyra and pan to carlos and isana are just precious, ugh. babies.

and it's a good kind of OC heavy! there are very few fics i enjoy that have large OC casts, but you've done it superbly. i loooove henriette, and kohler's character development from when he was first introduced to now has been great. (also, the li huas.)

...lmfao i'm blind as heck ALRIGHT i'mma go follow you now then! hell yeah.

i sure will! good luck, and again, super looking forward to the rest. if i actually do get around to posting art for this, i'll definitely link you!