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Transverse (or, The Pronoun Ninja Diaries) - Index

Title: Transverse (or, The Pronoun Ninja Diaries)
Series: Various - thus far, TDS/TCR and The Wizard of Oz.
Disclaimer: Follow the links. In short, fiction fiction fiction work of parody fiction.

A group of fics featuring transgendered versions of various characters. The fake news ones don't exist in the same universe, but some of them are AU to each other. (Also, they're open for exploration, which means that if you want to try writing/drawing/mixing in one of them, go for it.)

Subtitle is from the fact that the narration will pull all kinds of stealthy tricks to avoid using incorrect pronouns . . . even when that means leaving them out altogether.

Also, as long as I'm here, have a couple of resources:
Multifandom trans!fic rec list
Five Ways Being Transgender in Fandom Really Sucks, and Why I Stick With It Anyway
[ profile] fknwsgenderswap, for genderbending fake news fic

Transgender symbol

~The Gender Ninja of Oz | AO3 mirror

"You never talk about your life before they let you be Princess again," says Dorothy crossly. "I s'pose being a farm girl isn't very exciting next to being ruler of all of Oz...but I'd like to hear about it some time, all the same."

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~I'll Be That Girl | AO3 mirror
Stephen actually told Jon years ago. It was Jon's own fault he didn't know how to listen properly.
 +Bonus drabble by [ profile] celli_puzzle
 +Art: All I Ever Wanted

~Binding | AO3 mirror
Stephen's been doing this the cheap way for a good twenty years, and nothing short of an order carved on stone tablets is going to convince him to change his methods now.
 +Art: Post-Op

~Clover and Shadows | AO3 mirror
It's Stephen daring to swing her hips when she knows nobody's looking, and Charlene practicing his swagger in front of his full-length mirror, and both of them counting the days until graduation.
 +Chapter 1
 +Chapter 2
 +Chapter 3
 +Chapter 4
 +Chapter 5
 +Art: Switch by [personal profile] aybara_max
 +Art: Stephen's Photographs by [ profile] omelton
 +Art: Steph n' Char
 +Mix: Across The Border And Into The City
 +Mix: Trading Your Memories For Fortune And Fame

~Sweetness Follows; or, The Remarkably Low-Angst Transition of Joan Stewart
"Are you going to switch to some outlandish and obviously fake pseudonym, like 'Connie Lingus' or 'Felicia Jollygoodfellow' or 'Nancy Grace'?"
 +The Clownfish Files

~Ratings-Grabbing For Two
"It's the first week of November sweeps...and I'm pregnant!"
 +Follow-up: Ten Roads Converged

~Pace Yourself For Me
"Mama says I'm supposed to be a gentleman and offer you my bed."

 +Page 1
 +Page 2

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Long stories! *Cheers*
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I can't wait ♥ especially for Clover and Shadows OMG
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Generally I stay out of RPF and RPF-ish fandom, but [personal profile] dytabytes told me about this so I thought I'd check it out. I really enjoyed how you dealt with dysphoria in all the fic I read. Good stuff.
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Hi there! I saw a recommendation for "Clover and Shadows" on fancake, and have been jumping around your fics for a day or so now. They are wonderful and thoughtful, and over the next week or so I'll probably be leaving several comments. Just wanted you to have an answer to, "Who is this person and how did they find my fics?"