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[Mix] Welcome to Night Vale | Tamika Flynn | G | We Are Ready For This War

Title: We Are Ready For This War
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Subject: Tamika Flynn
Rating: G

Tribute mix for an extremely-well-read teenage war hero.

For Tamika Flynn Appreciation Week. (High-res cover art.)

WALK THE MOON . We Are The Kids
(Night Vale raises its children tough.)
I rip holes in my shirt, there's mud on my shoes, there's sun on my skin, I am brand new / We shout at the cops, we howl at the moon, just a matter of time

Hans Zimmer . What Shall We Die For
(The Summer Reading Program, when Tamika rises up.)

Bon Jovi . Wanted Dead Or Alive
(Post-library. Shaped by the conflict, wearing the severed hand of a librarian around her neck, knowing the next fight is coming soon.)
And I walk these streets / A loaded six string on my back / I play for keeps / 'Cause I might not make it back

Bono . Children Of The Revolution
(Strexcorp arrives in Night Vale. Tamika and company are not impressed.)
Well you can bump and grind / If it's good for your mind / Well you can twist and shout / Let it all hang out / But you won't fool the Children of the Revolution

Uwe Kröger . Wenn Ich Tanzen Will [translation]
(Rejecting all invitations to worship a Smiling God.)
Wenn ich tanzen will / dann tanz ich so wie's mir gefällt / Ich allein bestimm' die Stunde / Ich allein wähl die Musik
[When I want to dance / I will dance the way I want / I alone will choose the hour / I alone will choose the tune]

Superchick . Anthem
(Tamika recruits the Girl Scouts of Night Vale to her cause.)
We are fire inside / We are lipstick and cleats / We are not going home / And we are playing for keeps / We are girls with skinned knees / We are concrete and grace / We are not what you think / Can't keep us in our place

Thomas Bergersen . Jump!
(The missing children on the run. Chase scenes through the desert.)

Within Temptation . Stand My Ground
(When Tamika decides to stop running.)
Though this might just be the ending / Of the life I held so dear / But I won't run, there's no turning back from here / If I don't make it, someone else will

X-Ray Dog . Standoff
(Leading the charge on Parade Day.)

Turisas . Stand Up And Fight
(Being captured and imprisoned was probably demoralizing at first...but she goes back into motivational-speech mode pretty quickly.)
Stand up and fight (stand up and fight!) / Stand up and see the sky turn bright / Fight for a better day / Get up! You've made it this far

David Crowder Band . We Win!
(Breaking out of Strexcorp custody.)
We're gonna shout loud, loud, until the walls come down / 'Cause we've already won, and you don't have a chance

Pat Benetar . Invincible
(The battle in Old Oak Doors. Tamika won't stand for anyone ducking out and hiding on this one.)
We've got the right to be angry / What are we running for? / When there's nowhere we can run to anymore / We can't afford to be innocent / Stand up and face the enemy / It's a do or die situation

Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison . Reading Rainbow Theme
(Post-war. At last Tamika gets to relax and start a book club.)
There's a monster at the end of this book

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