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Fake News: Expectingverse Index

A top-level index for all the stories in the Expectingverse, plus some extra art. See also profiles of the original characters who fill out the cast.

For those of you just getting here, if you only read one of these, make it Expecting.


The Robert Report
(7 parts, illustrations)
Late 2005
In which Bobby manages the stage, the staff, and Stephen; and the Report staff faces down a ghost.

(21 parts, illustrations, extras)
In which Stephen decides that he could totally get pregnant. How hard could it be?

State of Grace
(35 parts, illustrations, extras)
Mid-to-late 2007
In which Stephen's carefully constructed walls begin to collapse around him.

§ Why Should I Care?
(15 parts, extras)
In which an adult Seamus Noblet is a bit of a jerk. Until he meets this guy.


Four Fics That Never Would Have Worked In The Liberalverse
An AU, 2006. Liberal!Stephen's version of the decision to visit Dr. Moreau.

five ways it could have failed
A set of brief AUs, 2006-7. What could have been if something had gone wrong with Stephen's pregnancy.

Open Heart
A one-shot, 2011. In which Jon has to be rushed to the hospital, and Stephen rethinks a few things.

The Interview
A ficlet, 2011. In which Stephen brings on a special guest to discuss tonight's top story.

didn't he heal, weren't the spring seeds planted
Scenes from three summers: 1975, 2009, 2012. Stephen, trauma, childhood, water, and a brief history of Sweetness.

Two Omelets by [personal profile] stellar_dust
A ficlet, winter 2012. (Written before any other side stories were released.) In which Tracey pauses to reflect.

George's World
An AU Doctor Who crossover, summer 2013. In which a tantrum-throwing five-year-old, a mysterious temporal phenomenon, and a temperamental dimension-hopping TARDIS all walk into a building.

Ten Roads Converged
An AU crossover, 2014. Stephen and George meet an FtM version of Stephen and his daughter.

★ Lifetime Achievement Award ★

Or, "the catchall category for all the random as-George-grows art." With the date when it takes place.
Meme (2007): Expectingverse Mpreg Meme
Meme (2008): Original Character Meme - George
Art (2008): Hat!
Comic (2009): Recommended Reading
Art (2009): George's Shoe Adventure
Art (2010): Defeat The World, Son
Manip (2010): Art Stephen Up - Expectingverse
Art (2011): George Has Two Daddies
Art (2011): Red Sweater Boy
Art (2012): George William, Alpha Squad 7
Art (2012): Blueberry Ice Cream
Comic (2014): George discovers race
Art (2015): Book Lover and Book Tolerator
Art (2019): Homework
Sketches: George'n'Stephen
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