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Erin Ptah ([personal profile] ptahrrific) wrote2019-01-03 10:17 pm

Wizard of Oz | Dorothy/Tip, Wizard, Toto, Glinda | T | The Great Responsibilities of Oz

Title: The Great Responsibilities of Oz
Fandom: The Wizard of Oz
Characters/Pairings: Dorothy/Tip [Ozma], Wizard, Toto, Glinda, others
Rating: T
Contents: Canon-typical violence, parental-figure abuse

First fic post in a year...and it's my next Yuletide fic!

Dorothy is an ordinary Kansas girl who attends classes, does her chores, and deals with the pranks of her annoying-but-endearing classmate Tip. Also, sometimes she puts on a cape and uses magic to fight crime. As you do.

or: hey recip, I noticed you reblog a fair amount of Marvel, so here's the Oz modern-day superhero AU.

( He identified himself only as the Wizard. He'd been using his powers to craft enchanted objects and sending them out into the world, identifying worthy young people who could use them to fight the forces of evil. )