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I have my card for round 2 of [community profile] hc_bingo! Copied in full on the masterpost :D

So here's the big question. The big list o' points'n'scoring states that there's a special prize for getting all 25 prompts into a single piece. And that piece can be a vid. Can I find appropriate fake news clips for all 25?


Poisoning: Not sure...although it seems like there ought to be a clip of Stephen slipping something into someone's drink and cackling somewhere. (The knockout dart that kicked off Operation Iraqi Stephen?)

Mindswap: That time a cursed skull switched Jon's mind with Justin Bieber's.

Major Illness: The show Stephen did entirely from a couch while wrapped in a blanket.

Hostages: Stephen waving a gun at the audience? Not a great fit, but a better one isn't coming to mind.

Attacked By A Creature: The bear from A Colbert Christmas.

Homesickness: Maybe something from Stephen's presidential campaign in South Carolina? Or the Vancouverage spliced together with Sam and/or Jason looking sad.

Invisibility: Could get metaphorical with this one, and show one of Stephen's freakouts at not being visible on-air. (Or: Rally invisbility cloak!)

Amnesia: Find one of the moments where Stephen describes blackouts/memory loss; figure out how to get that across visually.

Heat Stroke: Not sure. If only they showed clips of the audience during some of those waiting-in-90-degree-heat days. (Wyatt melting an egg salad sandwich on the sidewalk?)

Corporal Punishment: Bill O'Reilly on TDS promoting A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, in which Jon talked about his being terrorized by nuns? Again, iffy on the visual. Will have to work out whether it's possible to do this without splicing in audio. (Although they must have waved around rulers on the shows at some point, too.) (Stephen referring to being spanked by the DC Madam?)

Drowning: Al Gore sticking Stephen's head in a bucket of water.

Loss Of Vision: Something where Stephen takes off his glasses. Or, for a twist, something where Beck!Jon puts his on.

WILD CARD: Any clip with Stephen getting teary. Or maybe a montage of them :D

Confession In Desperate Situation: "Jon...before you go, just one thing...can I have eleven o'clock?"

Archaic Medical Treatment: Doctor Buttons performing eye surgery on Jay the Intern. (Or Jon's stitches getting removed with scissors?)

Forced To Hurt Somebody: Tad sobbing as he snaps Toby's neck.

Brainwashing: Not sure. May end up tracking down a generic hypnotism sequence.

Eating Disorders: Jon attempting to eat pancake-wrapped sausage on a stick?

Taking Care Of Somebody: Jon attempting to stand on one foot while intimidating Conan during the Late Night Fight. He starts to fall over; Stephen catches him.

Arrest: The guy in Iran who got arrested after talking to Jason?

Experiments By Evil Scientist: Labcoat!Jon looming over John Oliver.

Minor Illness: Stephen breaking out the Purell.

Caught In A Robbery: Tad's attempts to steal Helen Keller's pump? Can't remember if they showed him getting caught or not. Or possibly Jimmy Fallon revealing that, no, he did not in fact agree to give Stephen $25,000.

Bullet Wounds: Conan shooting Stephen in the chest.

Headaches/Migraines: Jon's trademark *facepalm* move.

That's as far as the initial round of brainstorming has gotten. Although obviously it's only been, like, half an hour since I got the card, so more will probably come to mind eventually ^_^; In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions, feel free to shout them out.

(I'll come up with serious individual fill ideas too! Eventually.)
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Invisibility: what about Stephen and his magic cloak during one of the Rally announcements? Might have to knock out the audio, though.

Evil Scientist: One word - OLBERCLONES.

Robbery: Tad stealing the lady!eagle for Stephen Jr.?