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Mix: Welcome to Night Vale | G | Our Quiet Little Town, Vol. II

Title: Our Quiet Little Town, Vol. II
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Subject: The series in general
Rating: G

A musical recap of Welcome to Night Vale: one song per episode, for episodes 13-25.

Our Quiet Little Town, Volume II from erinptah on 8tracks Radio.

14 | The Man in the Tan Jacket | Genesis | Fly on a Windshield
(The Angels would not tell her more, explaining that knowing more would jeopardize her Eternal Soul, as well as their own statuses as Angels. They did not want to mess with that!)
And I'm hovering like a fly / Waiting for the windshield on the freeway

15 | Street Cleaning Day | Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Run Like Hell
With your nerves in tatters / As the cockleshell shatters / And the hammers batter / Down the door / You better run like hell

16 | The Phone Call | Carly Rae Jepsen | Call Me Maybe
(Well, I gave him my home phone number quite a while back, and he never called, and I didn't think anything of it, right? I mean, sometimes people just don't call, and that's okay....)
You took your time with the call / I took no time with the fall / You gave me nothing at all / But still, you're in my way

17 | Valentine | The Eagles | Heartache Tonight
(I bring you now to our ongoing coverage of the Valentine's Day aftermath.)
Somebody's gonna hurt someone / Before the night is through / Somebody's gonna come undone / There's nothin' we can do

18 | The Traveler | Alan Parsons Project | Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
(Perhaps he has leaped again through the stream of time, or passed to an alternate dimension created by the changes he has made to our world.)
The traveller is always leaving home / The only kind of life he's ever known / When every moment seems to be / A race against the time / There's always one more mountain left to climb

19 | The Sandstorm | The Police | Synchronicity
(I can't leave you, as our show is not yet over, but there must be something beyond this something, Night Vale. I must see what it is. I must go.)
It's so deep / It's so wide / You're inside / Synchronicity / Effect without a cause / Sub-atomic laws / Scientific pause / Synchronicity

19 | The Sandstorm | Jonathan Coulton | I Feel Fantastic
(Unfulfilled? Ever eaten things that made you think differently? Breathed things? Unfulfilled? Feel things? Felt things? We are you.)
What was a stinging's now a sharp pain in my chest / So I take a Calminex and just chill... / I always take my medicine / And I feel fantastic / And I never felt as good as how I do right now

20 | Poetry Week | Nightwish | Dead Boy's Poem
(During this time, the City Council lifts their bans on writing utensils, thesauruses, and public descriptions of the moon.)
Every thought, the music I write / Everything, a wish for the night / If you read this line, remember not the hand that wrote it

21 | A Memory of Europe | By Jeeves | Travel Hopefully
(I left them, rattling away in their local tongue and frozen in a caricature of human terror, feeling like I had not only gained a good meal, but a few new good friends.)
My philosophy's to / Travel hopefully, and / Making each day that I survive / An opportunity to / Share the company that / Welcomes me when I arrive

22 | The Whispering Forest | Enya | The Memory of Trees
(He felt young and carefree in a way he'd never felt, and the woods told him they loved him.)

23 | Eternal Scouts | Bloc Party | I Still Remember
("We could have had something, Cecil.")
We should have run, I would go with you anywhere / I should have kissed you by the water / You should have asked me for it / I would have been brave

24 | The Mayor | The Byrds | I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician
(She cares very much about us, Night Vale, and when she jails or tortures someone without just cause or due process, it is because she loves this town so much.)
I always be tough but I'll never be scary / I want to shoot guns or butter my bread / I want to build towns or conservate the prairie / And you can believe the future's ahead

25 | One Year Later | Barenaked Ladies | Asleep At The Wheel / Hidden Sun
("I just...wanted to see you.")
Now, I'm floating above, looking in / As the radio blares and wheels spin / I can see my face slump with a grin / And you / You're the last thing on my mind

Inside ourselves, a hidden sun that burns and burns / Never does any harm to anyone