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Erin Ptah ([personal profile] ptahrrific) wrote2015-04-19 07:28 pm

ILLUSIONOID, others | The Last Man in the Universe | G | The Last Name in the Universe

Title: The Last Name in the Universe
Fandom: ILLUSIONOID, Welcome to Night Vale, Kakos Industries, The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Characters/Pairings: The Last Man in the Universe
Rating: G
Disclaimer/warnings: Not my characters, just borrowing.

The last man in the universe had a name, once. He'd like to have one again! But how to choose?

In which ILLUSIONOID is every podcast, and every podcast is ILLUSIONOID. Fills the [community profile] hc_bingo April crossover challenge, prompt "loss of identity." Will you heed these warnings? Click a little further into the tempor-archive.

( Oh, to have lived in the simpler past, when this kind of dilemma was not possible! Also, when my entire species had not yet been annihilated! )

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