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Mix - General: This Mix is Really Gay

Title: This Mix is Really Gay
Fandom: General/miscellaneous
Subject: Happy queer people
Rating: PG
Warnings: Language, sex.

A collection of upbeat, cheerful, frequently ridiculous songs about same-sex couples. Or people hoping to get into same-sex couples. Or just people who are into same-sex.


RENT ~ La Vie Boheme B

To faggots, lezzies, dykes, cross dressers too
To me — to me! — to me — to you, and you and you, you and you!


Zanna, Don't ~ Be A Man

Join the Army, join the Air Force, join the Coast Guard, join the Marines!
Work together, sweat together, shower together, that's how it should be!
I don't know what you've been told — can't win a war with heteros


Spamalot ~ His Name Is Lancelot

His name is Lancelot, and in tight pants a lot he likes to dance a lot — you know you do
So just say thanks a lot, and try romance — it's hot — let's find out who's really you!
His name is Lancelot, he visits France a lot, he likes to dance a lot and dream
No one would ever know that this outrageous rogue bats for the other team


Pansy Division ~ Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond Of Each Other

Well I believe in my soul that inside every man there's a feminine
And inside every lady there's a deep manly voice loud and clear
Well, a cowboy may brag about things that he does with his women
But the ones who brag loudest are the ones that are most likely queer


Alix Dobkins ~ Every Woman Can Be A Lesbian

So the sexes do battle, they batter about; the men's are the sexes I will do without
I'll return to the bosom where my journey ends, where there's no penis between us friends
Will I see you again when youre a lesbian?


Jen Foster ~ I Didn't Just Kiss Her

I didn't just kiss her — we went all the way and I liked it
What's the point in trying to hide it? You never know 'til you've tried it
I didn't just kiss her — she put it on my tongue and I licked it
I think she wishes she could forget it, but she sure seemed to love every minute


Avenue Q ~ If You Were Gay

And if you were gay I would give you my soul
And if you were gay I would give you my whole being


t.A.T.u. ~ All About Us

It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about, all about us (all about us)
There's a thing that they can't touch


Savage Garden ~ Affirmation

I believe you can't control or choose your sexuality
I believe that trust is more important than monogamy


Gloria Gaynor ~ I Will Survive

'Cause as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive


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