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Mix - Hellsing: Delicate & Innocent

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Hellsing
Subject: Heinkel/Yumiko
Title: Delicate & Innocent
Warnings: Violence; mental illness; sexual abuse; (canonical) character death.

They're a nun with multiple personalities who switches between a timid innocent and a katana-swinging berserker. S/he's a gun-wielding intersex soldier who poses as a priest. They fight crime!

...and they only appear in a handful of chapters (plus a couple of non-canon side stories), none of which are particularly character-development-filled. So most of this mix is personal fanon.

Cover art.

Spring Awakening - The Dark I Know Well
Yumiko didn't have a pretty childhood.

You say all you want is just a kiss good night
And then you hold me and you whisper
"Child, the Lord won't mind
It's just you and me
Child, you're a beauty"

"God, it's good-the lovin'-ain't it good tonight?
You ain't seen nothin' yet- gonna treat you right
It's just you and me
Child, you're a beauty"

I don't scream, though I know it's wrong
I just play along
I lie there and breathe
Lie there and breathe...

Relient K - When You're Around
So she creates Yumie - or, depending on how you look at it, Yumie arrives - to protect her.

Like a child having nightmares
I will run, I'll run into your arms
I'll give you all of my cares
And this world will do me no more harm...

I want you to stay longer
I made you a place, a place within my heart
With you I'm so much stronger
That's why I'm glad we'll never have to part

The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful
But Yumie's a person in her own right, not content to just sit in the background when she isn't needed.

I'm bored of cheap and cheerful
I want expensive sadness
Hospital bills, parole
Open doors to madness

I want you to be crazy
'Cause you're boring baby when you're straight
I want you to be crazy
'Cause you're stupid baby when you're sane

I'm sick of social graces
Show your sharp tipped teeth
Lose your cool in public
Did the legal meet

Spring Awakening - The Mirror-Blue Night
When she switches back, Yumiko is removed from the memories, but she can't fully escape the imprints they leave.

And the whispers of fear, the chill up the spine
Will steal away too, with a flick of the light
The minute you do it, with fingers so blind
You remove every bit of the blue from your mind

But there's nowhere to hide, from the ghost in my mind
It's cold in these bones- of a man and a child
And there's no one who knows, and there's nowhere to go
There's no one to see who can see to my soul...

Amanda Palmer - Runs In The Family
By the time Iscariot finds her, she's falling apart.

me? well, i'm well. well, i mean i'm in hell. well, i still have my health
(at least that's what they tell me)
if wellness is this, what in hell's name is sickness?
but business is business!

and business
runs in the family, we tend to bruise easily
bad in the blood i'm telling you 'cause
i just want you to know me
know me and my family
we're wonderful folks but
don't get too close to me 'cause you might knock me up

mary have mercy now look what i've done
but don't blame me because i can't help where i come from
and running is something that we've always done
well and mostly i can't even tell what i'm running from

Evanescence - Where Will You Go
Heinkel pulls her out of it.

You think that I can't see right through your eyes
Scared to death to face reality
No one seems to hear your hidden cries
You will have to face yourself alone

But where will you go
With no one left to save you from yourself
You can't escape the truth
I realize you're afraid
But you can't abandon everyone
You can't escape
You don't want to escape

Genesis - Happy The Man
Yumie takes to Iscariot like a murderous fish to crazy water.

Happy the man - he lives a simple life
He doesn't have much - it doesn't worry him
Where you go - where?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, nowhere

Like a nun with a gun - I'm wonderful fun
Laughing all through - just watching you

Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have
Yumiko, meanwhile, needs something more from Heinkel.

You always were the one to show me how
Back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now
This thing is slowly taking me apart
Gray would be the color if I had a heart

Come on tell me
You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I'm down to just one thing
And I'm starting to scare myself
You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I just want something
I just want something I can never have

t.A.T.u. - Show Me Love
And in spite of everything, she still has faith and admiration to offer in return.

This was an accident
Not the kind where sirens sound
Never even noticed
We're suddenly crumbling
Tell me how you've never felt
Delicate or innocent
Do you still have doubts that
Us having faith makes any sense...

Show me love, show me love
Till you open the door
Show me love, show me love
Till I'm up off the floor
Show me love, show me love
Till it's inside my pores
Show me love, show me love
Till I'm screaming for more

Mundy - Wherever, Whenever
Heinkel's concerns about having a sex-ambiguous body don't go away, not exactly; but Yumiko makes them easier.

Lucky that my lips not only mumble
They spill kisses like a fountain
Lucky that my breasts are small and humble
So you don't confuse them with mountains
Lucky I have strong legs like my mother
To run for cover when I need it
And these two eyes are for no other
The day you leave will cry a river

Tori Amos - Raspberry Swirl
Protective Heinkel.

I am not your seƱorita
I am not from your tribe
If you want inside her, well
Boy, you better maker her raspberry swirl

Things are getting desperate
When all the boys can't be men
Everybody knows I'm her friend
Everybody knows I'm her man

Bonnie Tyler - Loving You's A Dirty Job
Oh, and Heinkel sees through Yumie's defenses, and loves her too - crazy and all.

When the sky is falling and you're looking round for somewhere to hide
Did you ever call out to someone
Did you ever call out to me, I've never been gone
I've been right here by your side...
Why don't you stop tearing up everyone you need the most
You're so busy trying to get even
You never even try to get close

I can't explain it away
It doesn't make any sense
To know what it's like
I guess you gotta go through it
It doesn't matter baby
Loving you's a dirty job
But somebody's gotta do it

The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven
Right before World War III breaks, there's a desperate moment when they can feel that they're not coming back.

All heartache, all rivers cried, borrowed
Don't stay out too late tonight, borrowed
I love you, don't wanna die, borrowed
You taste like paradise, I know I'm breathing in

Borrowed, borrowed heaven...

You gave me life and I will give it back
But before I do, I'm gonna hold it tight
This is my prayer

Elton John - It's Getting Dark In Here
Yumie/ko's last moments.

Don't talk about angels
Or how I'll be saved
I'm no coward
But I'm not that brave
Rags are blowing
Rain's getting near
I'm done with running
And it's getting dark in here

And the wait isn't worth what I'm getting
Sometimes I feel I'm on fire
I've been handed a curse and a blessing
My life's been stripped down to the wire
And I'm trying to get back and hold on
Find someone somewhere who cares
But the sun's always setting on my life
And it's sure getting dark in here

(Bonus) Of Montreal - Fun Loving Nun

She's not quite like the conventional sister no she's not
I've never seen her frown or hold her head down
I've never heard her say "I'm bored" or "get away"

I tip top topple over for my fun loving nun
Cause she has so much fun has so much joy
And so much wonderful love for everyone

(Bonus) The Vandals - F'd Up Girl

I'll be with you until we find a good solution
And keep you out of any mental institutions
'Cause you're legally insane
It takes some patience and a lot of sacrifice
Helping a lunatic get through her life
I'll protect you from yourself 'cause you've got nobody else
And you're legally insane

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