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Fake News | "Stephen"/Jimmy, Jimmy/Tina | PG | #stimmy is real

Title: #stimmy is real
Characters/Pairings: "Stephen"/Jimmy, Jimmy/Tina
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: See series Table of Contents.

Collected Tumblr posts from a universe where teen idols "Stephen" and Jimmy have a massive tinhatting fandom.

Written as a bonus for the boy band AU, but can also be read as a standalone one-shot. (Happens roughly during Shout*For, Act II, Chapter 14.)

Contains animated GIFs. All images feature the IRL adults; just pretend they're images of the same people/characters as teenagers, doing exactly the same things. A few quotes are directly from real-world Larry Stylinson shippers. See if you can guess which they are!


I seriously have saved

like 8 tumblrs which belongs to ignorant people who doesn’t believe in Stimmy/look down on Stimmy fandom/or just are mean to Stimmy shippers because love.

and I really long for the day that Stimmy comes out and I can just write “I told you so” in their ask box. Because people can be so cruel and blind and I just feel sorry for them all.

but seriously I just really wanna see their faces when it happenes and shut them up hahahah

#stimmy shippers #stimmy is real #stimmy colbon
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"To everyone who's asked: no, Tina & I are not "next.""

—@Shout4JimmyFals, desperately lying through his teeth now that his bf is 1000% done with the bearding game

#stimmy is real #jimmy fallon #just come out already
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How your OTP looks when they're together:

Jimmy and Tina

Jimmy and Tina

Jimmy and Tina

How my OTP looks when they're together:

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Notice a difference?

#hint: jimmy only looks happy in one of them #stimmy is real #stimmy shippers
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they are sO PERFECT I CANT
If this isn't love then I don't know what is

#stephen's face in that last one #he knows he's getting laid tonight #come on jimmy i'm ready #just turn around and bend me over #aw yeah

Stephen tops.

I'm just saying people.

#seriously tho #fabulous sex god stephen colbert #getting topped by precious bunny rabbit jimmy fallon? #not happening #stimmy #shout*for #reblogged
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all these cherry-picked images oh my gggggodd

It is NOT HARD to find images of Jimmy looking happy with his GIRLFRIEND

Jimmy and Tina

Jimmy and Tina

or looking bored and blah with his "boyfriend"

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

some people are delusional I swear

#stimmy shippers #are insane #stimmy is real #not #jina #shout*for
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Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Jimmy and Stephen

Stimmy on stage

#if you don't see it we can't be friends #look at them #all my feels #stimmy shippers #stimmy colbon #stimmy is real #stimmy evidence #they're gay #they're so gay
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Disney Management: this has gone too far
Disney Management: we have to crush these gay rumors once and for all
Stephen & Jimmy: ok
Disney Management: no more holding hands in public
Stephen & Jimmy: ok
Disney Management: and no more talking about how you love each other
Stephen & Jimmy: ok
Disney Management: and definitely no more sexy dancing!
Stephen & Jimmy: ok
Disney Management: and you both have to date girls
Stephen: not lisa munn tho
Disney Management: ok, hang tight, we'll find you someone else
Stephen & Jimmy: ok
Disney Management:
Stephen & Jimmy:
Disney Management:
Stephen & Jimmy:
Disney Management:
Stephen & Jimmy:
Stephen & Jimmy: btw we just got matching tattoos

#stimmy is real #stimmy proof #stephen colbert #jimmy fallon #shout*for
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Stimmy with lyrics

If you listen to these lyrics they're just so perfeclty Stimmy.

#my edits #these life ruiners I swear #oh my god their stupid faces i can't even #stimmy proof #stimmy is real #stimmy colbon
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Have you ever noticed... Colbewart aren't afraid to look at each other in public? And how they aren't frantically denying that they're in love every other minute? And how Jon hasn't been pushed into bearding with someone he obviously has no chemistry with?

That's because Colbewart fans can ship our ship without harassing anyone or making anyone uncomfortable. Why can't Stimmy fans do the same?

#stimmy #colbewart #jina #jimmy fallon #stephen colbert #jon stewart #tina fey
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Saving Stimmy

Guys, maybe all us Stimmy shippers aren't helping as much as we think we are. Maybe we are the problem. I know we all have Stephen and Jimmy's best interest at heart, but if they aren't ready to come out yet, maybe all our posting and analyzing is putting on too much of a spotlight and too much pressure. From watching them in interviews lately I think both Jimmy and Stephen are not happy and this might be our fault. We also need to stop sending hate to Jina shippers and maybe they will stop sending hate back. If you are with me please reblog this. Let's at least try guys!! xoxoxo

#stimmy is real #stimmy shippers #jina
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Dear Lord,

Please let Stimmy come out durning the S*4 tour. We've all had enough suffering, and they have too. We've been waiting for this; we've been craving it.

Thanks, it means a lot.

-Stimmy Shippers.

#please please please #stimmy is real #stimmy colbon
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(Anonymous) 2013-12-31 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I love how in the pics x-thewayweroll-x "posted" they look so uncomfortable pretending to kiss, but are fine wrapping their legs around each other. Like, our maiden lips must never touch, but a little bump and grind is all in good fun! And Stephen does look very admiring in the last one where Jimmy's playing the guitar. I can see why in-universe shippers would ship them. Where are these pictures from irl?

This probably isn't where I should post this, but I lurk on But I'm a Cat Person too, and I have a slight correction for your German. You have proto-Patrick ask, "Kannst du mir helfen?" Which is grammatically correct, but is the informal form of address -- one you would use with a friend, a peer, an inferior, or someone you've known for a long time. The formal form, which would be used for a superior, or a stranger, would be, "Können Sie mir helfen?" Not a big deal, but I figured as a Being he would be especially likely to use a more formal form.

~A. Fann