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Wow, this past year was dominated by longfics. Two of them are Persephone's Waltz, five are Shout*For, one is He Says He Is An Oceanographer, and one is He Says He Is An Experimental Theologian. Plus two one-shots.

6 - Fake news
3 - Welcome to Night Vale
2 - Madoka Magica

Plus 1 fic-free month. (Although I was writing the early chapters of Shout*For during April, I didn't start posting until May.)

The caller ID on the screen was blank.

Hitomi had three books in her bag, and was running her hand along the spines of Kamijou's collection looking for the last one on his list, when the door swished open behind her.

"And they'll find each other in the crowded streets and the guarded park~ / past the rusty fountains and the dusty trees with the battered barks...."

(...I did not post any fics in April. Just mixes. Huh.)

"Heeey, Lisa!" exclaimed a bubbly voice, startling the well-dressed fourteen-year-old as she closed her locker.

Whenever Jon made an appearance this particular studio, he felt like he had stumbled into an alternate in which he was freakishly tall.

"So, how's Canada treating you?" asked Jon, his well-lit face and Jimmy's side by side on Stephen's screen.

"Will says you're doing a lovely job with all the songs, so we're going to spend the morning trying to put the first one together with the dance routine," said Mac, tapping the corresponding bullet point on her whiteboard.

Although Carlos was frustrated to have lost both Gwen and (without any warning at all, this time) Rashid, at least one of his newly arrived team members was here to study underwater acoustics.

Good morning, Night Vale!

a spectacular view from my New Zealand trip!

Carlos and Gerald end up abandoning their observation route to rendezvous with Emily at the Pinkberry, where Carlos urges the student to stay calm and keep working.
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I will post the names of all the files in my WIP folder(s), regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Choose one [or more], and I will post a random line or two.

Same meme I did back in 2011. Again, this list isn't everything in my WIP folder (which also has art, mixes, meta, and other random stuff), just the fics.

02 Desert Dreams and Lion Hearts
02 two-pronged attack
5 nativity stories
Brother's Keeper 1 [and more]
Calyx 1 [and more]
colorblind Homura
Ein Liebender... 1 [and more]
Experimental Theologian 1 [and more]
Fake News - The Musical
hellsing sedoretu
If I Fall Along The Way
Joan and Stephanie
kink AU
Madoka slave!Homu fic
Prompt ficlets 5
Red Dwarf Hunger Games
ShoutFor 2-01 [and more]
Silent bonus
Tentacle Aftercare
The Little Pundit
vampire Yomiko
werewolf Homura

So, yeah, the rate at which I write things is ridiculously varied. There are fics that come together quickly -- I have plenty of short ones that were finished in one sitting -- and, as seen in this meme, fics that have been sitting around untouched for two years...

Art and mixes are pretty much the same deal, by the way. I have WIP images and tentative tracklists that haven't been updated for more than a year, but most of the things I post don't sit around nearly that long.

(And the longer I go without working on something, the more my eyes get used to it being in the WIP folder and skim right over it. I had totally forgotten "hellsing sedoretu" was there until just this moment, eheh.)
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Came up with a couple more that never got archived here while paging through my hard drive...

Long White Cloud

(New Zealand)
They're safely in the mix archive now. (Also uploaded, but not yet published: a bunch of Christmas mixes. I figure I'll hold off on releasing those on 8tracks until December.)

Meanwhile, the fic soundtrack page is now comprehensive. Older examples of cover art and all.

All of which leaves only three mixes still not streamable/downloadable! First, an SJA one, which fails the 8tracks TOS by being all-Beatles. Second and third, the fake news pair that can be listened to separately or together, which would lose something on a site where you can't control the playlist order. Not sure what to do with those yet.

I'll figure something out.
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Finally sat down with the 8tracks account I made a while back and started uploading!

Most of the ones I plan to crosspost are now there, and the associated posts in this journal have been embedded with playable streams.

I'm also redoing the mix sections of the masterposts. Gone are the long lists of text links; instead, the multifandom/miscellaneous mixes and the fake news/SWC mixes now come with thumbnails of their cover images, like so:

Oh, The Drama

(fandom wank)
(I never archived this mix on DW in the first place, so the link goes straight to 8tracks. All the other links still go to the mix's DW post.)

Most of the mixes on 8tracks are public and searchable; a handful are unlisted, but you can still find them on my profile. The various soundtracks I've done for my fake news fics aren't getting crossposted at all -- instead, they're available at the website's new soundtrack download page.

So follow me on 8tracks, or just stick around DW and explore the new music streams!

(And who knows...maybe when these last few mixes are organized and uploaded, I'll get around to posting some new ones.)
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Hey, remember that long list of unsorted multi-short-fic posts that used to be lurking at the bottom of the Fake News fanwork masterpost? It's been almost emptied out!

Instead of trying to sort the fics all separately, these posts are now collected on the new Fake News Drabbles & Ficlets tag, which is treated like a separate ficlet-collection index post (same as the Merry Month of May index). Meanwhile on the masterpost, ficlet collections are now organized in their own group, so they don't have to be awkwardly grouped under "multichapter" when they aren't single chaptered works.

Also tagged as drabbles-and-ficlets are a bunch of other short, individually-posted fics that had been sorted on the masterpost. I didn't erase their existing entries, though. Figure it's better to have more ways to find a story than fewer.

During the organizing here on DW, I did a massive crosspost of the lot to the AO3. This series includes both the contents of the drabbles-and-ficlets tag and the Merry-Month-of-May tag. (...except for the ficlets I don't really like anymore.) The darker ones are only visible to registered users -- you can get an account very quickly if you'd like to read them.

Future posts with multiple shortfics, including prompt fills (a few more of which I should be posting soon), will go on the drabbles-and-ficlets tag, and be crossposted to the appropriate part of the AO3 collection. Feel free to read/review on whichever site works best for you!
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Title: Collar U
Rating: PG-13
Cast: Jon/"Stephen", background Olivia/Kristen and Steve/Nancy, other correspondents, Jane Fonda
Contents: Sexual predator Jane Fonda.
Disclaimer: #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement. Characters belong to the Report. Names of real people are used in a fictitious context, and all dialogue, actions, and content are products of the author's imagination only.

D/sverse, high school/college AU. Stephen's family doesn't believe in sending uncollared submissives to college, so Jon offers to collar him, at least through graduation. Cue a year of awkward deception, GSA shenanigans, platonic bed-sharing, one threatening incident with a certain pushy senior, and the triumph of the power of unrecognized romantic attraction friendship.

Header aside, this is a question for readers, rather than the fic post itself:

The story is about 9500 words long, and breaks down into five pieces (an average of 1900 words each). I'm currently posting the parts on the AO3 at the rate of one per day. People on DW, would you like it posted in parts here too? Or would you rather wait until it's over and have the whole thing posted as a single entry? Maybe it doesn't matter, since you would just as soon read the pieces on the AO3 no matter how it's posted here? Whatever your thoughts, please let me know!
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Chapter 18 of Expecting finally got that update! In which Jon gets to converse intelligently and emotionally about IVF, instead of just flailing. It's a thousand words longer, and I'm finally happy with the result :D

Will this be, finally, the actual last edit the series ever needs? I sure hope so.

(...if I had time, I would love to redraw all the art, but given that it would take stupidly long, I've pretty much accepted that that it's going to have to stand as-is.)
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I have five invite codes to give out for the Archive Of Our Own. Anyone who wants an account (to read my fic maybe? /Zoidberg), comment here or PM me with an email address so I can send you one!
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Just did a major revision and reorganization of the main fanwork masterpost and fake news masterpost!

Main masterpost: fic entries are now expanded! Everything gets a summary! Links to crossposts (on the AO3, Teaspoon, and so far one thing on are included! Haven't gotten to the Madoka stories, but everything else is sorted.

Fake news masterpost: complete reorganization! Instead of being sorted by relative angst level, things are sorted by length, and one-shots are further sorted by character. There's a table of contents at the top to make the structure even more obvious. Also, many things get summaries! (I didn't bother with adding a summary for every. single. TDS/TCR one-shot. Figured readers would survive.)

Crossovers that are really just about the TDS/TCR characters are now just on the TDS/TCR page. Crossovers where the other series is equally or more important are now mirrored on both masterposts. Redundancy: it's a wonderful thing.

I'm also starting to backpost some of the fake news fics to [ profile] sailorptah. Not going to upload everything, just focus on ones that are (a) decently written and (b) uses tropes with mass appeal that people might be looking for without knowing the fandom. So, hey, if you have a personal favorite that you've ever wished you could +kudos, feel free to nominate it for crossposting =3
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Type: Shameless self-indulgence.
Spoilers: Severe
Table of Contents: The Xyll Saga

The very last of these posts! All the Xyll-related material is up now. If you've been holding off on browsing, now's the time to start. If you've just been waiting for it to be over, your flists are now clear again ^_^

This is the real-world history of the saga: how I started writing at 11, had a complete draft I was (mostly) satisfied with at 15, and ended up shepherding it mostly-unseen from hard drive to hard drive until age 24. Possibly there is nobody else in the world who will care about this, but since you could say the same about the fic and that didn't stop me, I may as well go all out.

If nothing else, it's a cute insight into the mind of a 10-year-old who sees the world through Sailor-Moon-colored glasses, and what came of it.

It all began in elementary school... )

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A fake-news-centric post about the AO3 tagging system, over on [community profile] punditfic. If you're curious about the tag system in general or the fake news/punditry structure in particular, give it a look.

Also, if you have questions that can be answered by the tag information pages (in any fandom), I'm all set to look stuff up -- just ask :)
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Originally posted in this FFA thread: Pretend the characters from your fandom were also members of fandom (in general, not necessarily their own fandom). Who would be the BNFs? Who writes the pretentious intellislash, who churns out the badfic filled with SPAG errors, who's got the most fills on the kink meme? Who are the biggest wankers and SJWs?

Slightly revised and expanded. Totally open to suggestions/requests for more =) As a setup for fic and such, the premise is free to anyone who wants to play with it.

Jon keeps thinking about dialing down his fandom responsibilities, and keeps ending up as the mod of more and more things anyway. He rants a lot under flock. )

And a sequel, posted in another thread: If the characters in your fandom had access to the internet and plenty of time to goof around on messageboards, what would they wank about?

A short and emphatically non-exhaustive list of things "Stephen" gets into fandom wanks about:

Which pony is the best pony. )
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The collection for Yuri Challenge 2012 is live!

I didn't actually participate, but I ended up writing two treats anyway. Prizes if you can guess which they are =3
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I'm re-opening [community profile] andthatstheword. Because if there's going to be a fake news DW comm where I end up doing 99% of the posting, it may as well be the one where I like the name.

Which is not to say that other people can't participate! All DW users, whether you have a real account or just OpenID access, are welcome to join and post in both [community profile] andthatstheword and [community profile] punditfic. The former is for in-character TDS/TCR fics (that is, no real!Stephen, unless he's somehow meeting "Stephen"). The latter is for...whatever you feel like posting, really. Although fans of the real-news pundits are also encouraged to check out [community profile] thosestoriesplus, home of the real action in that corner of the fandom.

Oh, and whatever corner of the fake news/real news/pundit/politics/etcetera general mish mash you hail from, do check out [community profile] punditkink! There are several lovely fics, and loads of prompts just waiting to be filled.
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The stories for the Magical Girl Fic/Art Swap 2011 are live!

I got Request, a Homura-centric multifandom story from a crossover universe that works exactly the way I'd like it to. The fic I wrote will be crossposted after the author reveals (but feel free to guess in the meantime!).
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C&P'd from an "ask people questions about their fanworks" open thread at [ profile] fakenews_fanfic.

If any of you reading here have other things to ask, about my TDS/TCR fics or any others, feel free!

Questions )

WIP meme

Oct. 13th, 2011 07:38 am
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I will post the names of all the files in my WIP folder(s), regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Choose one [or more], and I will post a random line or two.

My WIP folder has a ton of filetypes and formats, including PNGs (finished but unposted art), PSPs (unfinished art), JPGs (reference pictures for things I want to do), and TXTs containing meta and fanmix ideas. For meme intents and purposes, I'll limit it to TXTs with fics. When there are multiple chapters in multiple files, I've only included #1.

Artemis Parthenos
Calyx 1
Castles in the Sand 1
Fake News - The Musical
Five Heart Crystals...
Five Times - dom!l!Stephen
hc-bingo drowning exorcism
hc-bingo gay wedding fic
hellsing sedoretu
Homecoming Queens 1
If I Fall Along The Way
Joan and Stephanie
kink AU
Mad Boy's Love Song
Persephone 1
vampire yomiko 1

All .txt files, with the content to be posted into a DW "Update Journal" field. As you can see, they tend to start out as vague descriptions of what's in them, and get nice pretty filenames when I've come up with a title. On the other hand, that doesn't mean the nicely-formatted ones are all finished - sometimes the title is the first thing I come up with...
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Fresh batch of Dreamwidth invite codes, hot from the oven, free to all comers. If you want an account, just grab one and hit up the front page.

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I have my card for round 2 of [community profile] hc_bingo! Copied in full on the masterpost :D

So here's the big question. The big list o' points'n'scoring states that there's a special prize for getting all 25 prompts into a single piece. And that piece can be a vid. Can I find appropriate fake news clips for all 25?

List of prompts, with potential clips )


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