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Fake News: The Liberalverse - Index

Title: The Liberalverse [Index]
Series: TDS/alt!TCR
Disclaimer: Follow the links. In short, fiction fiction fiction work of parody fiction.

Stories from the canon AU seen in The Wørd 10/2/2007 - Troops Out Now.

Instead of being a hawkish anti-intellectual pro-fascist ultraconservative, Stephen is a peacenik elitist pro-anarchist ultraliberal. Oddly enough, it doesn't make him all that different.

Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It
(dramedy | Jon, l!Stephen | PG-13)
Liberal Stephen 101. Overexpressive, permissive, aggressively forgiving, and too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.

Not Out Of The Woods Yet
(comedy, fluff | Jon, l!Stephen | G)
Scene: Stephen takes Jon on a camping trip.

Fit For Office
(comedy | Jon, l!Stephen | G)
Scene: how Stephen decided to run for President.

Something to Celebrate
(holiday fluff | l!Stephen, Jon | PG)
Scene: Stephen celebrates holidays; Jon celebrates the Zadroga Bill.

The Lepidopterist
(dramedy | l!Stephen, Jon, Larry, team | PG)
In which Stephen is inquisitive, Jon runs low on forks, and Larry is not as scary as he thinks he is, but every bit as devious.

A Modest Proposition
(drama, some hurt/comfort | Jon, l!Stephen | PG-13)
Stephen doesn't think he's allowed to feel anger. No matter what happens with Proposition 8.

Puppy Love: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
(dramedy | Jon/l!Stephen, past l!Stephen/teacher and l!Stephen/Anderson, a gay liberal rainbow puppy | PG-13)
The one where they get together. Jon finally breaks the repressive shackles of the patriarchy by getting a divorce. Surely this means he'll be ready to jump into bed with Stephen now, right? Right?

Five Gifts Stephen Gave Jon, Because It's No More Than He Deserved, And It Was Nothing, Really
(comedy, fluff | Jon/l!Stephen | PG)
Stephen is generous, thoughtful, and giving. Also, has a bit of a kink for caretaking. From his and Jon's first live broadcast to their first night together.

Five Times Stephen Got A Green Light
(comedy, romance | Jon/l!Stephen | R)
In which Stephen has some angst about kinking on being a Dom, and Jon provides constant stoplight-based reassurance.

Five Versions Of The Limo Ride Home
(comedy, angst, drama, and/or smut | Jon/l!c!Stephen, others | through NC-17)
Covers five different AUs, liberalverse included. After the Emmys snub Stephen yet again, Jon comforts him on the way back to the hotel.

Homecoming Queens
(comedy, drama, hurt/comfort | l!Stephen/Jon, family | PG-13)
Stephen brings his queer kinky Jewish boyfriend to a Fourth of July barbecue with his old-fashioned Southern Evangelicatholic Republican family. Hijinks ensue.

Differently Temporally Enabled

(Stories that are AU to the main AU. Weird crossovers abound.)

Four Fics That Never Would Have Worked In The Liberalverse, And One That Actually Might Work Better
(comedy, drama, angst | Jon, l!c!Stephen and family, Doctor Who crossover characters | through R)
Got to wondering how some of my "Stephen" fics would have been different if they had played out in the Liberalverse. Decided to find out.

Eight Roads Converged
(comedy | l!Stephen/Beck!Jon, other AUs | PG)
Ficlets written for a series of requests: what happens when people from various fakenews AUs cross paths.


Boundaries (vignette | Jon, l!Stephen, c!Stephen | PG)
Childhood (vignette | l!Stephen, c!Stephen | PG)
Needs Met (15 pages + extras | dramedy, romance, Needverse crossover | Jon/c!Stephen, Jon/l!Stephen, c!Stephen/l!Stephen, Sweetness, with bonus Joans and Stephanies | through R, includes consent issues)
Liberal Guilt Attack (comedy | Jon, l!Stephen | G)
Balanced Conversationalist (comedy | l!Stephen versus l!Stephen | PG)
Neo-Colonial Kyriarchal Consumerist Slavery (comedy | l!Stephen, Jon, special guest | G)
Someone Has A Tiny Jon Fetish (comedy | l!Stephen, tiny!Jon | G)


Drowning in Greyscale (l!Stephen)
Baby, It's Fact (l!Stephen/Jon)
Pollyanna Flower Child (l!Stephen)


The Many Faces of Colbert (chibis | various Stephens, including l!Stephen | worksafe)
Free Iran (chibis | Jon, l!Stephen | worksafe)
Sketchdump (sketches | Jon, l!Stephen, the puppy | worksafe)
Yin to Yang (drawing | c!Stephen, l!Stephen | worksafe)
A Selection of Stephanies (chibis | various Stephanies, including liberal!Stephanie | worksafe)
Pollyanna Flower Child (drawing | l!Stephen | worksafe)
Parade Wear (drawing | l!Stephen/Jon | worksafe)
Whap! (sketches | c!Stephen, Jon, l!Stephen | worksafe)

Miscellaneous extras

What I Think About When I Think About Liberal!"Stephen (thinky, link-y meta about characterization)
—Sketchdumps including l!Stephen: one (with high school AU), two (from Needs Met)

Liberalverse fanworks by other authors (not because I hold any claim to the AU, but because I like to keep things organized):

Mirror, Mirror by [personal profile] sarcasticsra (fic | l!Stephen, c!Stephen | PG-13)

Which Stephen Am I? by [personal profile] sarcasticsra (mix | various Stephens, including l!Stephen | PG-13)

Beginning of the Neededverse by [personal profile] sarcasticsra (commentfic | l!Stephen/Jon | PG)

In which I stole your multiverse café and Drake was the creative consulting producer by [personal profile] themistoklis (commentfic | l!Stephen/Jon, c!Stephen/Beck!Jon | G)

"Stephanie" ficlets by [personal profile] themistoklis and [personal profile] politicette (commentfic | l!"Stephanie"/Jon | G)

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