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Erin Ptah ([personal profile] ptahrrific) wrote2017-01-05 08:42 pm

Oz | Toto, Dorothy/Ozma, Eureka, Billina, Aunt Em | G | Toto, Too

Title: Toto, Too
Fandom: Oz
Characters/Pairings: Toto & Dorothy, pre-Dorothy/Ozma, ensemble
Rating: G

Everyone thinks Toto can't talk...and that's just the way he likes it.

His second fairy adventure is much safer than the first, and his little mistress more adept at all kinds of queer travel; but Toto intends to keep to his old habits as long as possible, just in case.

( 'Where did you go, huh, boy? I know where Dorothy imagines she went, but you must've seen the real thing. Oh, I wish you could talk!' )

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