ptahrrific: Cecil and Carlos with science in the dark (night vale)
Erin Ptah ([personal profile] ptahrrific) wrote2015-08-12 10:48 pm

Night Vale, HDM | Cecil/Carlos, ensemble | T | Let The Shadows Fall Behind You, part 5/6

Title: Let The Shadows Fall Behind You (5/6): A Sudden Rain
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale, His Dark Materials
Characters/Pairings: Cecil/Carlos, Kevin, Cecil's mother
Rating: T
Disclaimer/warnings: See the His Dark Materials AU masterpost.

With Cecil at his most hopeless, all Carlos can do is lean on his friends, and listen from a distance, and wait.

A short chapter. One more to come after this. Includes canon-typical mental health issues.

New art: Cecil & his brother over the years.

( You may have noticed that I have taken an unusual number of sick days in recent months. You may have heard me comment, in ways both direct and indirect, that I am weary. )

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