Dec. 31st, 2015

ptahrrific: Jon and Stephen, "Believe in the me who believes in you" (fake news)
Title: This Candidate Clearly Supports WIP Amnesty, Jon.
Fandom: fake news
Characters/Pairings: Jon/"Stephen", ensemble
Rating: T
Disclaimer/warnings: #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement.

Taking a deep dive through my WIP folder to retrieve these fake news fics. Some of them are 5+ years old! A few, I had completely forgotten writing. All of them have just enough substance to post, as Works No Longer In Progress.

Or, as the Bush Administration would have called it: Fiction Accomplished.

  1. We prefer to be called megalomaniac-Americans (T)

  2. Genderswap "Stephanie" angst (T)

  3. Olivia/"Stephanie" sexy jealousy (T)

  4. The Mysterious 51st State of HOHOQ (G)

  5. Olivia/Kristen college AU (T)

  6. Jon/liberal!"Stephen"kink + romance (soft R)

ptahrrific: Cecil and Carlos with science in the dark (night vale)
Title: End-Of-Year Secret Police WIP Amnesty Showcase
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Characters/Pairings: Cecil/Carlos, Trish/Winchell, Megan, Janice, others
Rating: T
Disclaimer/warnings: Okay, I confess. Night Vale and everything related are not mine. I am not the real Joseph Fink. Shocking, I know.

As a holiday gift, the Sheriff has extended limited amnesty to people who post fanfiction they never intend to finish.

So here's a collection of scenes, snippets, and other unfinished pieces of writing, from Works No Longer In Progress.

  1. Megan in the Hunger Games AU (G)

  2. Feeding kink scenelet (M)

  3. Trish Hidge/Pamela Winchell flailing (T)

  4. Carlos, Khoshekh, and occupied NVCR (G)

  5. Separation ordeals in the daemon AU (G)

  6. Night Vale Gems AU snippet (T)

  7. Five Things That Didn't Happen On Fashion Week (T)


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