Dec. 13th, 2010

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Truthiness And Relative Dimensions In Space has a brand-new spinoff-AU story: With The Rest All Gone, by [personal profile] queenfanfiction. Go; read; comment about how awesome it is :D

In related news, I've been volunteering at [community profile] fanart_recs. It's really low-key: pick a series, pick a month, rec four or more pieces of fanart, repeat as desired. So far I've done Doctor Who and Sailor Moon; this month, it's fake news time. Take a look. (And think about volunteering!)
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Because I am definitely going to lose track of all the happy!"Stephen" (Threatdown: Happiness, 12/10/08) fanstuff floating around if somebody doesn't make a list.

This is just a quick'n'dirty (irony!) compilation. Proper summary and so on will be added later, probably. I have the nagging feeling that I've missed some relevant links; if so, let me know.

Fics By Others

Untitled ficlet by [ profile] endlissness (Jon raids Stephen's wardrobe)
Baseball by [personal profile] politicette (game-based cuddling)
Untitled ficlet by Anonymous (Stephen has trouble taking sex seriously)
How Stephen Got The Colbert Report by [ profile] pookiesbleubass (it involved baked goods)


Measure In Love (sugar high)
Five Versions Of The Limo Ride Home (taking it well)
Seven (heavenly virtues)
Eight Roads Converged (alternate universes meet)
This Is Knot My Heart (bondage-y smutty ace fluff)
Ten Roads Converged (meeting with Stephanie)


Needs Met, Happyverse Style (other kinds of need)
You're Not Straight, Are You? (not exactly)
Pink Ropes (kinky. NSFW)


Disney Princess Eyes
The Many Faces Of Colbert
Hearts and Stars
Pam and the Pink
Harmony, Oh Love
Knot Heart (NSFW)


A Mixtape To Restore Happiness


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