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Erin Ptah ([personal profile] ptahrrific) wrote2014-02-25 08:03 pm

Night Vale, Hunger Games | Carlos, Cecil, ensemble | T | He Says He Volunteers as Tribute, part 3

Title: He Says He Volunteers As Tribute, 3/3: The Mentor
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale, The Hunger Games
Characters/Pairings: one-sided (?) Cecil/Carlos, Josie, Earl, Steve, Larry Leroy, Tamika, Paolo, Franklin Wilson, Dana, Erika, Megan Wallaby, others
Rating: T (references to non-con, even more character death)
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and settings are not mine.

AU. Carlos has been his district's only mentor for the Hunger Games for a decade now (and part of Panem's favorite celebrity romance for almost as long). This year, though? He's gotten a tribute who might be, not just a survivor, but someone who can help change the Games forever.

( 'Exciting news, listeners! Perfect Carlos, the mentor for our brilliant, bold Tamika, is here in the studio with us. Let's see if we can get an interview!' )