Dec. 15th, 2014

ptahrrific: Jon and Stephen, "Believe in the me who believes in you" (fake news)
Title: The Little Pundit
Characters/Pairings: Jon/"Stephen", Jimmy, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Trevor Potter, correspondents
Rating: G
Disclaimer:#NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement. Characters belong to the Report. Names of real people are used in a fictitious context, and all dialogue, actions, and content are products of the author's imagination only.

A well-intentioned, poorly-informed merman saves a certain land-dwelling comedian during a storm, and finds himself falling head over tailfin. So when a lawyer offers him a pact to turn human and chase down true love, he goes for it.

This is another half-finished fic, with the unwritten parts summarized. I started writing it around April 2013, finished one whole chapter, then got sidetracked with a different Little Mermaid AU that burned through all my momentum. (Also, most of my good fish puns.)

Art: The Little Pundit; Seafin design; Under The Sea; new! Best Underwater Friends Forever.

Relevant TCR clips: Trevor Potter and the SuperPAC; Ham Rove.

Also mirrored on the AO3.

If only it weren't for the Stay Hidden From Humans So They Won't Come After Us With Spears Act, Seafin could have showed these people where the real underwater sights were. )


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